1. Who claims what? I even said that Im not good player. But this is not about me, this is about the build... and even I had really good results with it - better players will have even better results.

    And haste does reduce GCD (maybe not for attacks - Stormstrike, Lava Lash, hunter Shots, etc.), but definitely for spells (Nova, Shocks, etc )... I think you are just troll.
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  2. Man, you are my hero. I am the same about trying to make unique builds into reality. I always felt like full spellpower is doable/viable after testing dps on Warmane for Wotlk Classic, but your post was the one filling the gaps regarding fast weapons and encouraging me to boost a shaman, and boy was it worth it....peak fun of my 15 years of WoW, already competing in top 5 of Naxx25 dps and our roster involves some top notch pros who used to be world 20+ at certain points with their classes. I know this is a 1+ year old forum post, but i do hope i may be able to reach you here. Would love to talk to you about some details, like expertise cap and stuff (currently i aim for T7 enha shoulder+chest for expertise only + 95 hit on use HP pvp trinket x 2 does a wonder, also JC+BS for even more exp and hit if needed, all spellpower besides that, i even plan to go 2pc ele in Ulduar as the flame shock increase might worth it, etc, so many thing i would like to talk about :D )

    All the people being negative about ur brilliant build are just clueless muppets acting smart who never get beyond reading sims :D stay mediocre AP shamans u boomers :P

    If u ever read this my man, gimme a DM ! YOU ROCK!!!!! <3

  3. I waited months for this reply man, but finally i can do it with backed data from actual Wotlk Classic. You were so wrong here like never in ur life, this build is top tier for single target and UNBEATABLE in aoe. Stay under ur rock with your "knowledge" :))))

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