1. June 6, 2021  

    The best 79 twinks

    I've finally decided on trying some high level twinking. As I haven't yet decided on the class and spec I want to play, I thought that it would maybe be a good idea to ask the community here who they would point out as the most skilled players for each and every class/spec in this bracket. I know it's a highly subjective topic, but if a lot of answers contain the same names, then the objective picture can be constructed and those people could be a good starting point to armory etc. I'm mostly interested in caster dps specs like: ele shamy, shadow priest, boomie, destro lock, frost mage... Maybe even some op healers aswell.

  2. June 6, 2021  
    It's a really toxic bracket so I doubt anyone will tell you objectively who are the good players (if they are opponents) and just name their friends.

  3. June 6, 2021  
    Well, that's a hard question, since there are not many extraordinary players from the classes u mentioned.

    I recall Croacker (ele sham) being very good, although I'm not sure how is he in theorycrafting. But I guess you can check him out. Same goes for Alavaris (lock). About the rest no1 exceptional comes to my mind. But I do know some great healers:
    - Aaryl, Runnie, Swarva (disc priest)
    - Stalir, Symph (resto druid)
    - Smolpotat (resto sham)
    - Fanpak, Sawo, Hakete (not sure about their theorycrafting abilities, but they are good hpals)

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