1. May 30, 2021  


    Hello everyone,
    I started a Mage character on Lordaeron a few years ago as I wanted to experience the story content having played WC3 a lot in my childhood.
    However, I quit soon after cos of irl issues. I am. Logged in to find my character in Southshore with most of my then friends /guildmates gone.

    After an hour of going through my quest logs, I think I am back on track xD Looking forward to more questing and lore.
    If anyone is on Lordaeron who shares a similar interest in lore and stuff do poke me ^ ^

    Character name: Biospark (Had to rename for some reason, maybe cos of inactivity).

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  4. June 8, 2021  
    Welcome back!

    I'm currently playing trying to experience the story and the lore as well, slowly leveling, reading all the quests, screenshotting every cool interaction or dialogue that I come across. I looked for your character on the armory and unfortunately you're on the Alliance, otherwise I would have reached out in-game!

    Good luck and have fun!

  5. Aw thank you for reaching out anyway ^ ^ I am doing the same!!! Kinda sad I can't queue for lower level dungeons through Dungeon finder since I am kind of over levelled for a lot of quests from older dungeons like Gnomeregan atm :o So probably gonna have to wait until I am strong enough to solo them xD

    Wishing you the same ^ ^

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