1. low DPS can u help guys

    thats my character affli lock dps is low whatever gear I have. I have seen locks with gs score lesser than mine doing more damage
    I tried different spec destro was good but still ~ 2k dps .I know some of my gems are wrong ill correct them suggestions are welcome
    Trying to get gear shoulder from kara and hopefully head too
    my rotation
    lifetap->shadow bolt->CoA->corruption->unstable affliction->haunt and keep up UA and CoA ,life Tap SB as filler
    pet is felhunter

  2. 1.howl of terror is a pvp glyph, try glyph of haunt
    2. Buy a helm with a slot for meta gem, which should be a chaotic skyflare. Activate it with 2x purified twilight opals. Rest of the gems should be runed (+19sp)
    3. Gems of blue quality and no 'quick' gems of pure haste; either pure sp or sp+haste or +hit.
    4. You are severely under capped on hit: only 8.64%, counting talents. You need 13% counting talents, so 10% from items alone. Thats A LOT of hit rating missing.
    5. did you buy the highest ranks of spells? are you using highest ranks of spells?
    6. Is your pet using its spells?
    7. You wrote, that after initial casting of all spells, you are keeping only UA and coa. What 'bout haunt? keep that too, if you did not.
    8. Life tap when u need to, not as a filler of time. I mean, dont life tap when you have 100% of mana, and in a way that you end the fight with 60%+ mana.
    9. You totally missed the use of drain soul. When target is under 25% hp, you are supposed to change your rotation entirely. Your main nuke is drain soul, which you interrupt to cast haunt or sbolt (to refresh shadow embrace)+UA/coa and go back to using drain soul. It's big part of affi's dps.
    10. Make sure, as it's a lot of dps: that there is a debuff on the boss you fight, that makes it receive +13 % magic dmg. You can apply it with Curse of elements.
    You don't need to apply it if there is either a boomkin (balance druid) or an unholy death knight in your raid.
    11. http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=380134 great guide for all affilocks, chck it out
    Edited: June 10, 2021

  3. and in place of howl terror glyph use glyph of haunt

  4. thanks for the help will definitely replace the howl of terror for haunt. If I get dual spec I can add new glyphs for the second spec?
    some one told me u don't need hit rating for dps hit rating is basically u miss sometimes when hitting boss
    I had hit rating gear on me when I was told that I don't need it. I went for spell damage
    I had 13% hit rating 402 or something then too my dps wasn't very high still 2k ish
    another thing is t7 token gear doesn't have hit rating on like robe and gloves. Shoulder has
    I will definitely try hit rating thing should I replace sp enchant with hit rating enchant? on the gear I currently have

    1) i use drain soul when target is on less than 25% hp
    2) my fel hunter uses his abilites fel intellect buff
    3)i dont life tap when i dont need it when life tap buff fades i use it
    4)it says aflliction for single target? i should not dot other targets as well?
    like when fighting 2 mobs i dot both of them and get back to first one and spam sb and haunt and dot again if they r going to go out
    more than 3 i use seed of corruption
    5) I have tried all specs with my gear which one u suggest? I would like to stick to aflli but if dps remains bad i cant play like that
    i am willing to change spec for significant improvement
    6) the information on armory says spell damage 640 but in game it says bonus spell damage is 1888 whats with that?
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  5. Your gear is average, affl needs really goods stats to do its job. Just go Destro and you will find 2-3k DPS inrease without problems. When you hit 6.2k gs you can go to affl!

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