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  2. Well I hope my post doesn't get deleted, had to post here so post on bug tracker gets some attention of fellow warlocks atleast
    Chaos Bolt is getting absorbed on mage's Fireward


    Please post you screenshots after testing.

  3. I want to reply something that another player wrote, Roheos, in the Bugtracker:

    "The Problem: after last update on 20.04.2016 Chaos Bolt and Shadowburn dmg were reduce like (my calculations) 60%-64%. Right now i can't crit more than 80k with Chaos bolt even on Contender Players (i'm tyranical + 2-3 griev items) Shadow burn do like 30k on full tyran gear i'm not sure exactly what is the problem because crit stak for chaos bolt seems to work just fine so there is another big reduction for both this spells

    How it should work: check this + trinkets+enchants - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhCceNFkdEk

    How to reproduce: well if you want class warlock to be played on this server you need to look in to that problem".

    Please check this, this new chaos bolt makes warlocks non competitive in pvp.

  4. May 9, 2016  
    Sorry for my Engilsh. I'm a human WARLOCK of the aliiance. I could not receive the task of summon Succubus when my level is 40. So I decided to make a new start . But the situation was the same when my level is 26. I went to find the NPC,Gakin the Darkbinder. But I just could not see any tasks. Why? Is is a bug or something?
    Please check this, thank you!

  5. May 13, 2016  
    Problem: in MOP i think agony still bug, since damage still not increase at beginning and last tick ( at 1st - 5th tick and 10 - 15 tick in 10852 haste rate).
    agony its affliction's most powerfull ticks so please fix it.

    how it should work: agony damage must be increase if agony deal damage until its reach 10stacks


    sorry for my bad english.thanks.

  6. June 3, 2016  
    After the fixes of today,on neltharion , seed of corruption doesn't work.. like 2 months ago
    Seed of corruption casted with soulburn active doesn't affect nearby enemies with corruption

  7. On Blackrock realm pet Avoidance http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Avoidance_(passive) passive talent doesnt work,pets take full dmg from AoE effects like Bladestorm,Blizzard,Rain of Fire etc...

  8. I'm a level 17 Warlock and i can't learn any talents in the affliction tree from the second branch.
    I can learn "Improved Curse of Agony" , "Suppression" , and "Improved Corruption" but nothing further than that.
    The rest of the talents are in a green color and i can click on them, but when i do my talent point still isn't spent.

  9. I'm a level 17 Warlock and i can't learn any talents in the affliction tree from the second branch.
    I can learn "Improved Curse of Agony" , "Suppression" , and "Improved Corruption" but nothing further than that.
    The rest of the talents are in a green color and i can click on them, but when i do my talent point still isn't spent.
    Have you spend 5 talent points in affliction tree already? (that unlocks second tier)

    Make sure you have "preview talent changes" option turned off or apply changes.

  10. in Mop here is a warlock with 1208k health and has done more damage total than both horde and alliance (he did more than 20mil)

  11. ;) Well well... don't hate the player, hate the game XD

  12. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but is there any chance to fix (script) the green fire quest line? I spent 2 days (killed almost 50 rares) in isle of thunder to loot Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion and it doesn't work. Such a disappointment. :(

  13. Demonic Pact should give you 10% spell damage boost + 10% when pet crits (buff) but it only counts the crit buff.

  14. In metamaphorsis, hope I spelled that correctly, there is no increase in damage. The tooltip says 0℅. I'm playing a bloodelf demolock. Level 20

  15. Please fix the felguard damage in WOTLK servers (I play in Lordaeron one), it's a demonology gamebreaker! Have a look to the amount of tickets already opened since almost 6 months! https://www.warmane.com/bugtracker?f...5D=&t=felguard

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