1. June 9, 2021  

    Donated 10 to get some coins to purchase gold thru website. 3 DAYS WAIT?

    So I recently started playing on Warmane and I decided that I want Dual spec on my paladin for the leveling experience. The Q for dungeon was very long so I decided that dual spec would allow me to go holy for dung pops and ret for solo leveling. I added 2 factor auth and was excited to buy some gold so I could get my dual spec. Then I got the message that I need to have 2-factor authentication active for 3!!! days before I can use my coins that I just donated to get...

    Im sorry but what the f..

    I feel like I got scammed. No-where did it say I had to wait 3 days and it feels like I wasted my money.

    Yes I know I "Donated" it but I did expect something in return, without having to wait for 3 days to cash out.

    Anyone else find this kinda stupid or am I just being childish?

  2. June 9, 2021  
    thats only if u wanna use trade with other ppl
    u can use market and services witout wait
    blame ppl who got their accs stolen n coins traded away for this xtra wait now

  3. Anyone else find this kinda stupid or am I just being childish?
    More like you don't wanna understand the purpose behind this 3-day delay. It's mentioned in the comment above - so people, who lose their accounts, don't get robbed too fast.

  4. Thank you for sharing this information with me. I didn't think about that. Account protection is very important, just wish there was a way where people like me wouldn't be "punished".

    Thanks again!

  5. Since you recently started playing on Warmane back in 2016, I would've expected you to know these things by now. When you recently started to play, again, back in 2016, you should've enabled 2FA for improved account security immediately. You wouldn't need to wait for 72 hours to access trade.

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