1. June 8, 2021  

    idk what to do after 60

    I just hit 60 as a Blood elf rouge
    what now? do i go to outlands? or somewhere else
    some people say go to outland some say dont idk what to do now so if anyone has a good suggestion i appreciate it.

  2. June 8, 2021  
    People who say don't are trolls.
    Google a guide - literally every guide tells you to go to Outland 58+.

  3. June 8, 2021  
    Outlands. Avoid staying too long in Hellfire Peninsula, as it attracts a lot of wPvP, fair and unfair kind.
    When you're 68 head to Northrend. Borean Tundra is busier than Howling Fjord, but certainly provides better questing rewards. Though Borean Tundra also attracts wPvP, same as Hellfire Peninsula. Never set your foot in Sholazar Basin, for that place is full of hunters and prey.

  4. June 9, 2021  
    Thanks for your reply i will do that

  5. I'm a bit late to the party, but I'd like to say a few words:

    1) Like you, I've also stumbled upon contradictory statements whether players should go to Outland or not. However, people, who preferred to stay in the Vanilla zones and/or spammed rdf, did it, in order to avoid getting ganked in the tbc areas. There's no other explanation why someone would want to avoid them - quests there give you significantly more XP and are clumped together.

    2) Now, more onto the actual tips. OhieMitzen is absolutely correct when he told you to avoid staying in Hellfire Peninsula for too long. Sadly, this is quite indeed a beloved zone by wpvp-ers, since lowbies oftentimes go quest there and thus there are many people to farm. So, here's what I do:
    I rush to complete as many quests as possible, in order to reach lvl 60 and obtain the flying skill. Depending on how terrible the ganking situation is:
    -> I stay and quest near Honour Hold/Thrallmar if there are no gankers nearby;
    -> I move to Temple of Telhamat/Falcon VVatch if there are some gankers camping the aforementioned zones;
    -> I move to Zangarmarsh, if Hellfire Peninsula is a nightmare for questing.

    That's the good thing about flying. VVhenever the questing experience becomes unbearable in one zone, you can swiftly move to another while also avoiding potential gankers.
    Spoiler: Show
    For the sake of accuracy, I must admit that being in the air doesn't always mean that you are out of danger. Some classes can put DoTs on your and use parachutes (engineering)/levitate and not fall into their deaths, but that won't happen that often.
    3) Once I reach lvl 68, I also head towards Northrend. As you could guess, the quests there give you even more XP than in Outland. Not to mention, if you level gathering professions, you can start farming materials for your pve professions and save yourself a bit of grinding in the future. Now, the following advice might sound like a personal preference, but I usually go to Howling Fjord as a Horde and in Borean Tundra as an Alliance.

    The reason why I go in HF is to avoid wpvp (on some days you can stumble upon gankers outside VVarsong Hold, and if you go in Coldarra, you'll see how both factions clash with each other). The quests in HF are also clumped to one another and are fairly easy. The music is great as well.

    The reason why I don't go to HF as an Alliance player has to do with the starting quests. For example, there's a mission, where you have to get on a zeppelin and drop bombs on boats. However, if you miss that zeppelin, you have to wait a couple of minutes for it to return and then you have to be quick with dropping the bombs, otherwise you need to take another flight. And in Valgarde, some of the quests force you to do something in zones, where there are a lot of mobs. So, you'll lose time fighting the mobs before you get to fulfill the quest requirements (I'm talking about you, Catacombs). For that reason I prefer to go in Borean Tundra. But the good thing there is that you'll find other quest givers near Valiance Keep.

    Afterwards it's up to you where you quest before reaching lvl 77. As a Horde, I move to Grizzly Hills. This is also quite beneficial whenever I play as a class with a relic. Check the last post of this thread:


    Once you reach lvl 77, you can go to Icecrown or Storm Peaks. Don't go in Sholazar Basin! OhieMitzen is absolutely right that it's a zone, which should be avoided at any cost. That's a place, where people farm Adder's Tongue, skins, reputation for the Oracles (once you get exalted with them, you get to buy an egg, which has a small chance to give you a rare mount), the quest chain for a cooking recipe (Kungaloosh), and since people are stacked in one zone, that makes it like a utopia for gankers. So, as you can see, you have no interest leveling there.

    Now whether you should go to Storm Peaks or Icecrown depends on your amount of gold and interest in obtaining reputation items for your current spec. If you don't have 1k gold for Northrend flying, go to k3 in the Storm Peaks and talk to "Honest" Max (near the flight master). You'll get a free riding mount, which you can use in Sholazar, IC, and Storm Peaks. Afterwards, you could stay and start the quest chain for the Sons of Hodir, but be warned that you'll most likely stumble upon gankers while doing them. Should you decide to farm rep for the Argent Crusade or the Knights of the Ebon Blade, you can get valuable items for your spec. You can also buy a tabbard and farm rep in dungeons while also practising your spec's rotation.

    If you play on Icecrown/Lordearon, you'll have the option to spam the following dungeons for gear - toc, pos, fos, and hor. You'll also be able to do icc rep farms, and obtain a BiS ring when you become exalted with the Ashen Verdict. However, if you play on Frostmourne, your pre-raid gear would come from rep farming (Knights of the Ebon Blade, Argent Crusade, Kirin Tor, VVyrmrest Accord, and/or Sons of Hodir), dungeon spamming, and browsing through the auction house. You can check the purchasable rep items here:


    Or just download the addon AtlasLoot.
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