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    "You have been disconected from the server" Recurrent problem

    Hello everyone! There are probably thousands of posts already about this problem. I have tried many things, like changing the reamlist and the config in the WoW folder, but nothing has worked. Whenever I try to log in I get the "You have been disconected from the server" message and can't do anything about it. If there are posts or other solutions that can help me that would be great. Good day and greetings to all.

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    Quick solution: Rename your WTF folder. Your settings will be revered to defaults after you do this.
    1. Open WoW and try to login again. You will be surprised.
    2. Exit WoW and Delete the new WTF folder that the game created earlier.
    3. Revert back the name of your old WTF folder.
    4. Voila, your settings are restored and you can login again.
    You can thank me later, cheers!

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    First Thank you that someone try to help us. I try your solution, it didnt worked.

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