1. Frostmourne Ulduar buffs

    I suggest to release Ulduar with ATLEAST pre-nerf Lordaeron buffs to truly deliver on the unique progression / seasonal features the realm is offering. Mechanic change would also be awesome but i guess thats too much to ask for.
    Its 1 year realm, i believe everyone would be happy to have an unique experience and actually have to progress instead of just faceroll.

    If you are afraid that this would kill the realm/guilds then just apply it to hardmodes.
    Lets have an unique seasonal realm that doesnt get facerolled.
    Edited: June 10, 2021

  2. I'm up for it if it gets tuned down (similar to last season would be fine) once RF is taken.

  3. Biggest issue with this is that the majority of the players on Frostmourne are casuals (given my PoV at least) and Ulduar pre-nerf values from Lordaeron are actually hard for the average raiding guild and require quite a lot of progression even for dedicated guilds chasing for RF.
    So putting such a big wall where most guilds won't be able to get past XT-002 on normal mode in a short period of time will probably make those guilds just disband and people quit.

    ''If you are afraid that this would kill the realm/guilds then just apply it to hardmodes.''
    That makes sense tho.

    Giving a second thought, those who are not completely casuals and can try a bit going into some serious progression will have a bigger satisfaction to get that content down and overall feeling of progress that you don't normally get when 1-2 weeks in you're just farming the entire raid with 2-3 groups per week.

    Yet I seriously doubt Warmane will do it given all the hate pre nerf Lord values had back in the day with some starting bosses being unkilled straight up for weeks.

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