1. Is this bannable?

    So I've found over the last few weeks more people using bots to level up. Basically a high level killing the same mob who respawns in the same place in a very short period of time. Even when I take aggro of the mob or just pull it aside, neither of the players rotate or move; they just stand there. No interaction, nothing. I've found a group where I eventually managed to reposition the mob in such a way that the lvl 80 couldn't attack him, but the mob could. So I got them both killed.
    I've seen a lot of this happen, is bot leveling allowed?

  2. no, it is not allowed.

    You can report by opening a ticket in-game (with some proof)

  3. Well, this is a bit awkward, since I did report them sending 2 videos with solid proof over a month ago, and I thought they would get banned. However, I just passed by one of them in Dalaran (the low level) and he is max level and still playing. If those 2 recordings don't count as proof (them dying after I repositioned the mob and them not moving a single inch for minutes while the mob was killing them), then I don't know what else counts.
    But thanks I guess.

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