1. Mount Bug in Cities

    Hello, I wanted to know some way to solve a problem with my character with which it is impossible for me to use the mount inside cities, but if I invoke it outside the cities I can enter without problem, the problem is when I dismount inside the cities I cannot I get back on the mount the casting of the mount is displayed but it is as if I mounted and dismounted in thousands of seconds. PLS HELP ME my character is a Gnome.

  2. It's because you are using new WoD models in your client. That's a common bug and as far as I know you can fix it only by getting a different patch and replace the one you have or download a client with classic models of WotLK.

  3. Try replacing your current WoD models with these patches: http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=433477. I personally tried the majority of those and they work flawlessly.

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