1. store - missing items reports

    hi, a few days ago i submitted some missing items reports for the store via the available button
    i've confirmed the items should be available on the current patch of my server, via wowhead, via the site that the warmane store redirects and by checking the game files
    the items' titles appear on the drop down list of the search field but when you click them they don't show up for purchase at the right

    should i wait for a response? or just check the store everyday to see if they have been added?
    but it they don't get added is there anything else i can do? does the staff look at these requests or is this button just an old leftover?
    in other words should i have realistic expectations of the items getting added to the store or should i not get my hopes up?
    that's all, thank you

  2. It looks at the requests and you can't know if they were or not any other way other than constant checking. Personally I think your chances of them being added soon are low. You could try typing in the name or part of the name in the search and hitting enter. See if they show that way. Store's weird sometimes.

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