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    5 man class choice


    What do you think is the best group for 5 man pve / pvp?
    Right now I am sitting on 5 DK level 78 and 5 shaman level 55.
    I have tried 5 druids on the pvp server, I like them, 5 starfalls clear quite well.

    do not know if I should start a new team or dedicate the time on any of the existing teams.

    To something completely different, someone who has a good rotation macro to death knights?


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    I don't think a team that can't queue in RDF is really a PVE team (hard to get EoF if you can't do RDF and bothersome to run to dungeons), so 5 DK or 5 shamans I would say is not able to do PVE although 1 DK+4 shamans and 1 shaman+4 DK would be able to do it and should be decent at it.

    I still think DK + 4 palas is the best PVE team because it has no downtime (DK doesn't use mana and ret paladin restore mana faster than it uses it). With this team ICC dungeons are also easily doable with lower GS than needed to queue for the dungeon so can do ICC normal/heroic dungeons as a freshly dinged lvl 80.

    Some mechanics are very hard to do with only melee team like Ionar in Halls of Lightning (doable but need to massively overgear it with a full melee team). I think a caster team would be better to overcome most mechanics and also better if you intend to do any raiding (10 man alone or with another boxer).

    For PVP:
    5 DK, 5 shamans and 5 druids are all easy to play so that is a big benefit of these teams.

    5 DK can go with frost spec and put diseases on all nearby enemies and AoE freeze them, then they will stay frozen for the full duration and take damage from those 10 diseases since diseases doesn't break the freeze. A nice way to deal with melee opponents and with 5 death grips it is scary for ranged classes.
    Another interesting option is to get Anti Magic Zone to make them a lot less vulnerable to magic damage.
    I think 5 DK team probably has a lot of deaths where 1 or a few characters die because of lack of single target healing. (when compared to DK + 4 palas there is usually only deaths when the entire team is about to die)

    5 Shamans has tremor totem to counter fear which is something druids don't have. 5 Shamans also has a knockback that is easier to use. Flame Shock -> Thunderstorm -> Lava Burst -> Chain Lightning is a really deadly combo also.
    5 Shamans are really dangerous when standing on a ledge. Grounding Totem prevent Death Grip and any melee that gets close gets knocked down by Thunderstorm so have to run far to get back.

    5 Druids can be very easy to play with Starfall, Typhoon (can be hard to aim), instant cast dots, prowl. The biggest issue with druids is that they are really vulnerable to every CC and if you are not in moonkin form you take massive damage from melee.

    DK + 4 palas is impossible to play perfectly because there is so much that can be done better (waste less art of war procs, dispel CC and slow, use freedom to remove stuns, use all cds without wasting any and so on). This is both a fun aspect that you can always improve but it can also take a lot of effort to play it well compared to other teams where you could do well by just using a few buttons.

    I think most or all other teams would do worse than these teams.

    Another note for PVP is that casters are the only viable teams if you want to hang around Wintergrasp Keep. All teams can still go for workshops.

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    Are there any active multibox guilds ?

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    from my exp atleast the best 5man PVP team is 2 holy pala and 3dk but u need fully geared if u know Munbox he always does BG IOC/AV with these setup before the limitation

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    PvE only here.

    I know you wrote "best", but best doesn't necessarily mean the most fun.
    I do agree with xandor regarding the 1DK+4Ret, but having tried it myself, I wouldn't recommend it myself if fun is what you're after.

    Playing several teams, I mostly enjoy the mixed ones, such as druid tank, sham healer, demonology lock, spriest and balance druid. Challenging, and reasonable DPS once you get it up and running.

    I never PvP, so no clue how it would fare there. Probably horrible. :p

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    isnt u wrote pve/pvp??
    yeahh but my guess is u can try each setup on blackrock first and chose which is more fun to play :)

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    RDF doesn't matter anymore because you can't kick off your team and regroup without 10/25min debuff.

    for lvling fast, 5 dks and 5 palas are best.
    for lvl 80's dungeons farming, i would go with 5 palas.
    i would drop the shamans/druids team for pvp because 5 ain't gonna cut it.
    dks are best for pvp purpose.
    rotation is so very simple you just use all your runes and loop from there. ->frost->blood_>unholy. if you want to save the blood runes for the heal, just
    hammer frost and unholy runes. use a cast sequence single target like and one for aoe and you'll be fine.

  8. 3 Weeks Ago  
    I'd go with 1dk 4ret.
    It's the best dungeon setup and also the best PvP setup as a 5man boxer.
    As Xandor mentioned, there is always space for improvement with that comp because the setup has such a huge repertoire of abilitys.

    It's also worth to mention that a 5 DK comp can heal the whole party every 30 sec by 50% hp. To do that you need to spec into imp rune tap and you need glyph of rune tap.
    I recommend a 18/53/00 build for a DK team.

  9. 3 Weeks Ago  
    it's more than 50% heal if you take improved rune tap + glyph. more like 75%

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    I also want to get into mboxing a 5 man team was thinking 3 PvE MM hunters and 2 PvP resto druids mainly for Isles of Conquest and Altrec Valley any thoughts on this comp?

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    I also want to get into mboxing a 5 man team was thinking 3 PvE MM hunters and 2 PvP resto druids mainly for Isles of Conquest and Altrec Valley any thoughts on this comp?
    It's not viable to play BGs in full PvE gear as boxer because you lack the mobility to kite opponents.
    Best comb for large scale fights is 4ele 1hpala.

  12. 6 Days Ago  
    As a strict PvE boxer, I found a good amount of success with
    > Paladin tank
    > Shaman heal
    > 3x spriest or arcane mage

    Shadow priests were slow to start; didn't do a whole lot without decent gear. Good, easy to control AoE. Heals can float your party depending on incoming damage, allowing your healer to supplement extra damage. Plus healing stream totem lets you really double down on passive healing, moreso with a druid tank :D

    Arcane mages have a very simple rotation, and did a lot more damage at low gear levels. AoE a bit harder to use, but still good.

    In a 10-man setting, I would sub out one of the dps for a demo warlock, as their SP buff is insane and greatly benefits an all-caster party.

    I prefer shamans for AoE healing, even primary targeting themselves/tanks with chain heal was usually enough to get through raid damage when glyphed properly. I'm sure swapping a priest to heal would be good as well, and would allow more casting buffs from the ele shaman.

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