1. "All PvP titles, except Rank 1 titles, will be removed at the end of Arena Season 21.

    Does this involve titles gained for honorable kills on Blackrock S5?
    I am at 40k HKs close to Warlord now, and since there is no wintegrasp to farm tons of HKs every 2 hours on blackrock you can imagine I have no-lifed preety hard to get the title. It would be crushing and make me feel really mad if my title will be removed.

  2. Hey admin will rank1 in Frostmourne and Rank1 in Blackrock both get rank1 titles or only the highest at top?

  3. Yes, they do, as they are indeed Rank 1 titles.
    I got my rank 1 title (Gladiator) from 2s in 2015. Is it getting removed?


  4. Removing titles is total disrespect to the old players who still set aside a couple of hours a week to play on this server. It's better to fix the anti-cheat system because it's not possible to play on high rating

  5. Opinion

    I don't believe that removing old titles is a good change. People who want to compete will compete regardlessly and old "retired" players won't be incentivised to play again. So you are just basically robbing people of what they earned.
    It's in similar vein as removing "Light of Dawn" title just because the there's so many of them on the realm, so people have to kill LK 25HC again. (and yet they do, every week regardless of the title)

    Not to mention this is bad for any future players too, knowing their hard work will be removed in a few months, it actually might make people play even less, especially for "old" realms as Icecrown.

    I'd love it if you could reconsider this change.

  6. I have 1 question for Proterean:

    Last season nobody in top 1% of 30% in soloQ were rewarded with gladiator title. Will it be the same this season and do you have intention to fix mistake from last season and give us reward from last season now?

  7. It's about time this happened 10/10

    Removing titles is total disrespect to the old players who still set aside a couple of hours a week to play on this server. It's better to fix the anti-cheat system because it's not possible to play on high rating
    If I had a nickel for every time I heard that I would have been in space before Richard Branson. It might considered be 'a high rating' because *drum roll* they're simply better than you. Sure there are some notorious individuals but it's a slippery slope when you start accusing a whole sub-bracket.

  8. just make the shoulders from blackrock to be obtained from 3v3 not from soloq and it will fix 3s being a dead que.

  9. You will still have your achievement to show off but if you want to keep the title on, you can only play for it,
    I only see one problem with this: unlike people that got achievements for their rival/challenger/duelist titles, people who get a title like "plainsrunner" will get no achievement to show off/prove they got top 30% at some point. So basically after the season ends, you only have left the memory of that title.

    I suggest adding an achievement for custom titles such as this one too, or maybe give one of the rival/challenger/duelist achievements (without the according title of course).

  10. feel sorry for old players tho who have no time to grind anymore and they will lose their pvp titles. bad idea I assume

  11. i play in warmane since 2009-2010 year, and here is alot of people like me, we join the game for fun for cople of hours,we dont have time to play every day as before,and this will be disrespectful,maybe will be good option if you save Wrathfull gladiator+gladiator titles,the other maybe is oke to be deleted,but ran 1 to rank 5 normaly shoud stay,
    already my friends is mad when they see this post,coz some of them spend real money to donate to buy chars with titles wich cost more than 550 coins,thats alot of money, and now they gona lose his money and titles.. do you think this is okay?
    maybe alot of people will stop to play only because of this reason.
    and yes,there is alot of people with pvp titles,but they are not gladiators,they are the lowest ones.
    hope so you gona change your mind and u gona save this two titles,coz there is not much people in warmane with them.

  12. Wait, so all r1 titles are safe, doesn't matter if they are from 2015-16 with 0 rating in both 2s and 3s. LoL

  13. imagine keeping rank 1 titles who were basically obtained in a wrong manner by doing only 2s and having below 2k rating while rank 1 supposed to be only for 3vs3 and 5vs5 brackets. I have seen loads of people in Elwynn forest or Durator with 2 or 3x rank 1 titles having only 2k rating and even below from 2vs2 however 2vs2 highest title supposed to be the Duelist. Obviously these rank 1 titles were from different realms 2015-2019 or so usually. I would advice to keep only rank 1 from 2020 and delete 2019 and below. But its up to you obviously it is an usual change and many players will be really upset but without changes there is no progress perhaps and players will get used to it eventually. I enjoy this server and I am one of them who definitely will not grind PvP titles anymore as I have no time so thanks for keeping an achievement at least. All in all you guys are doing really good job. Great server.

  14. @Proterean - do we get to keep the honor balance we currently have on the character sheet, and do the wintergrasp commendations stay in tact and transfer to the next season or are you going to remove everything?

  15. Is Warmane taking action against people who buy items that cost arena points to refund them after the next arena season begins to get a head start in arena points? Isn't this literally exploiting? What is the point of having an arena points reset on the new season if players can just abuse the system and keep them by refunding arena gear?

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