1. Is Warmane taking action against people who buy items that cost arena points to refund them after the next arena season begins to get a head start in arena points? Isn't this literally exploiting? What is the point of having an arena points reset on the new season if players can just abuse the system and keep them by refunding arena gear?
    That shouldn't be possible this time.

  2. Can't seem to understand the reason behind these title changes. It feels like you're robbing players of their own accomplishments in the game. Let us imagine what kind of outrage would've been caused in this situation:

    "The amount of players running around with "Shadowmourne" is simply far too large and the situation is saturated to say the least."

    Let's remove the Shadowmourne item on Jan 1st every year from all players that had it, but do not worry:
    -"You will still have your achievement to show off but if you want to keep the legendary item (Shadowmourne), you can only play for it, simple as that.?"

    But Warmane, wait! What about people that don't have the achievement for Shadowmourne?
    - Well, it is same as with "Plainsrunner " or whatever title you only get for couple of months without any achivement to back it up. So technically you never had it.

  3. You can wipe whole icecrown realm bcs of new system of rewards. Its fair for pvp and pve players :).


  4. I don't think the title removal is the best call either, at the very least let players keep the Gladiator title since that one was awarded for rank 1 in 2s in the past seasons 1-8 (and molten).

  5. so supreme will not be removed as it counts as rank 1 per class?

  6. This is crazy! i had to read it again... wiping titles...what?? Wheres the logic, reason and explanation for that? How about poll first and see what community thinks about that...?
    Feels like its another fast and furiuous movie.. whoever came up with the craziest idea gg..

  7. Are we still able to play soloq or it is closed already? As there is no more history left in warmane armory about any matches in soloq.

  8. Will the arena points also start from 0 or do we keep the points we have gathered so far? S8 Blackrock.

  9. Ofcourse gladiator titles should stay, anything else would be stupid as its also a Rank 1 reward we had. I really hope warmane just had a bad nightmare and will come to their senses about this change

  10. I have a question regarding rewards from soloq on different realms. Are rewards for soloq calculated for total players from all realms that can join it or every realm is separated and every realm will have their gladiators?

  11. so only Supreme and Rank will be safe? what about old Rank 1 titles from different realms?

  12. Excellent change, should have always been this way. Gladiator (and all titles) should need to be maintained, lest they lose their significance. Achievements permanent, titles temporary.

  13. at least Supreme will stay alive xD

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