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    The WPVP Question: Icecrown Server

    First: Icexrown Server. I don't care what the factors are on Lord/Frost/BlackRock, since this is about Icecrown.

    Preamble: I've leveled on both factions, and I know my experiences are not necessarily the norm.

    I've noticed that, while leveling on Horde, Ally seem to consider it "Open Season" on Horde (specifically me), regardless of how many DOZENS of levels lower I am. This isn't true for EVERY Ally, as some people don't care for ganking someone 30+ lower, but it happened. A lot. Ok, it happens. Nothing to whine (too much) about.

    This makes me think Ally engages in WPVP a lot.

    Logically, I know Horde does this as well, and with an average of 500 more people, likelihood of it happening is slightly higher.

    However, while leveling on Ally...I was never attacked by Horde while leveling, except once, which I instigated.

    Thia got me thinking through level 80. What happens then? You won't be ganked anymore, so it's straight up WPVP at that point.

    So, objectively (which is hard, as all we have are our own experiences), which side engages in WORLD PVP more, on average?

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    Alliance engagein world PvP more on any realm. Anyone serious about PvP will roll it for free PvP trinket and anyone serious about PvE will roll Horde for PvE racials. This results in more PvPers playing Alliance and understandably more world PvPers and gankers.

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    First of all it really depends on your choose of Zones. Of course you will get more alliance if you pick zones closer to Alliance Cities, try leveling an alliance character in Tanaris for example, or the zones near Ogrimmar.

    Both factions engage in wpvp, there is no escaping it. There is no such thing as more or less wpvp from a faction. Its certain individuals that enjoy killing low levels and i assure you both faction have their fare share of them.

    As for max level world pvp i'd say its the same for both factions. I've seen days when Horde has been dominating Wrath zones, i've seen days where alliances have been dominating those zones.

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