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    Enha pvp battleground

    Hi guys, i'm play enha shaman for the last 6 month. i have a problem right now. Atm i have 2/5 wrathfull item, 3/5 relentless, all offpart wrathfull, ring of icc rep, herkumy war totem trinket, 1 havoc call normal (don't find any better yet) and 1 keleseth seducer normal. i play a lot of bg, but I always feel useless, the damage isn't so good and i get delete very quickly from other team damage. I wanna ask if there is a way to properly play shaman enha in bg. i'm the only one that think that is preatty weak?
    I play with wf fb.
    in general it feel like u strike with pillow agains other people, nothing compared with warrior, pally or dk..... this 3 class can literally evaporate my poor shaman in 3 sec.
    there is a way to be usefull in bg and maybe do good damage and dont die in 1 sec like you were made of butter??
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    Enh sucks in BGs. Only viable in 2s with preg pala and in duels.

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    Enha is viable in BGs however much less effective comparing to ele.
    Try to stay with group, assist your teammates: purge, spam frost shock to root low hp enemies, interrupt, ground harmful spells. Be near your healer and protect him if someone tries to harass. If you have wolves up you can allow yourself to be more aggressive.
    Just keep in mind - you're support class, not the primary damage dealer. It doesn't mean you're helpless in 1v1 situations and simply worse than warrs, dks, etc (really, you can beat them in duels, it takes practice but it's possible). You have a different role in massive fights: assist your team and be disruptive for opponents.

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