1. Remove required level 55 toon for DK creation

    As title says.
    As a veteran player, DK is my favorite class and has been since they came out.
    I was excited to play on Warmane with my homie and queue for some arenas, but the fact that there's still a level requirement for DK creation is just a huge pain point.
    If you really want to have that road block, maybe have the level req. on the seasonal server but remove the requirement from other servers?
    Anyone else feel this is a waste of time, leveling up a character to 55 just so you can swap to the class you wanted to play from the start?

  2. Donate. There are no such requirements for premium accounts, you can instantly create 10 death knights

  3. Let's think for a minute of removing the level 55 requirement on all servers:

    Frostmourne: Free level 55 character while everybody are level 1 from the start? DK's be having fun gank days, being immortal for a week. Doesn't really fit the seasonal theme of Frostmourne. So that can be scrapped right away.

    Lordaeron: It's the "blizzlike" x1 server. Although it's tuned to be harder. Making DK's easy to obtain would defeat the purpose of server being hard.

    Icecrown: It's quick to level a character to 55, it's not that hard.

    Donating once, even only to skip queue*, will unlock you from level 55 requirement on Lordaeron and Icecrown. Considering you've been here playing since 2020, why not consider dropping a donation?

    *I recommend min. amount of $10 to access trade section.

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