1. Is there really no way to deal with the toxicity?

    Just started the game a week ago, and I'm already done. I've been ganked and one shot by full geared 80's every day since I started, and I'm not feeling it. Is there really nothing I can do? Am I supposed to just suck it up or quit?

  2. Join a guild, if it is focused in PVP it might help more. If you are being ganked, call your friends. From my time back then, my favorite pvp activity was killing gankers in Stranglethorn.

  3. @Palutena That's a zone all way loved by both factions imo.

    To OP: as you get your answer already by Palu, i would just like to add that you can use RDF for dungeons to avoid gankers,
    or avoid overcrowded zones like STV, Tanaris, hellfire peninsula or so...

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