1. Suggestions for Shadowmourne

    Wow thrives on a good community, progressing and getting good items slowly but surely. Shadowmourne is one of the most coveted items for the warriors, rets and dks but yet caused so much drama and controversary because of the item and commitment required to complete it. The suggestion would be to directly relate the completed shadowmourne on the user, to be linked with raid leader that help complete it.

    If you are collecting shards from different groups, your voting rights to retain or destroy the SM lies by the percentage of shares you have on the SM. Similar to a equity stake, total shard to be collected = 50, at 100%, which essentially mean that 1 shard = 2%.

    Scenario 1: Collector at 4 different raid group

    Raid Leader A: 40% = collected 20 shards from raid group A
    Raid Leader B: 20% = collected 10 shards from raid group B
    Raid Leader C: 30% = collected 15 shards from raid group C
    Raid Leader D: 10% = collected 5 shards from raid group D

    Raid Leader D: initiated the destruction of Collector, requires a voting percentage of more than 50% in order for it to be executed.

    Scenario 2: Collect at 1 raid group

    Raid Leader A: 100% = collected 50 shards from raid group A

    Raid Leader A: initiated the destruction of Collector, immediate destruction.

    This system propose is merely to reduce, and force players to embed the value of loyalty to the community here. It is an item that has caused many GMs and RLs a huge trouble deciding whom to give out to and if the player eventually made use of that trust and leave them, it will definitely turn ugly.
    Edited: September 3, 2021

  2. So you wanna make other players hostages to guilds (no matter how bad guilds are) just because someone left yours while gathering shards? What about guild being loyal to player and providing him at least 8/12HC kills to maintain shard supply, not NM clears? Because player won't tolerate 1 shard per week income, taking year to complete quest.

    It's just ridiculous suggestion and will take way to much resources for zero purpose

  3. This is one of the contenders for "dumbest idea possible" this year.

    Shards are just additional loot. If you give them to someone who's fishy and leaves after achieving his goal that's your fault, not the guy you trusted. Get over it.

    Imagine making a stupidly complicated tracking and voting system required to destroy an item that takes 12+ weeks on average to complete.

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