1. Encourage Reporting bad behavior

    Hello, Everyone.
    Today I had an unpleasant experience, I joined a semi-guild ICC run that looked promising, but ended up to be a bunch of probably very young individuals looking to get carried by Randoms instead of taking matters on their own hands. it ended miserably. The leader yeeted a guy out of the group before even distributing the loot, and ninja'd a mark off another pug. and while my report evidence Video is being uploaded, I thought of a suggestion to the current rule which handles Ninjas. specially a ninja orchestrated by a guild.

    So what I noticed, though it was a very obvious act of selfishness, only me and the guy who rolled the highest and got his item stolen by the leader were furious, it seemed like people, even the other pugs, did not really care? only me and that guy were trying to talk it out and informing that leader that there is a rule against being a ninja and he could seriously get banned for it. they just left as that guild ravished all the goods off puggers. perhaps we need a system that encourages people to report more?

    So my suggestion is to encourage reporting, there are few things that came to my mind, first and most importantly is feedback. perhaps a public list where banned Character names shown, on the site. and a message, even if an automated one, to the reporters, ensuring them that action was taken against that person.

    And the one suggestion that probably was asked before by others many times, to remove the items from the ninja people. even if it doesn't mean that item is going to be transferred to the winner. I understand this is a hard procedure to consider since it will require more time taken by the GMs per case. but nonetheless I'd like to point it.
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  2. I know it's pretty nice to try to get others to do your job. But that's not going to work. It's your job to take care, so you don't get into situations like that.
    Here is a bit:
    GMs should NOT be your shield against ninjas. Please bear in mind that this will not stop all ninjas and it's your best intent to take measures yourself and avoid suspicious raids, especially when leaders refuse to explain looting rules.

  3. I took all the precautions possible, I even joined a semi-guild run, which usually tends to be much better than complete random pugs. The leader was obvious with his demands in the recruitment message, and was inspecting players and preparing properly. how could I know that he is going to turns into an immature selfish person when the raid starts?

  4. I think it's foolish to assume that everything will be fine, even with known people. You take a risk, like everyone. Risk is close to 0 if you raid with your guild/circle[still there is a risk]. Risk is high when you raid with random dudes and random guilds.

    What you are asking for is impossible, I personally think there should not even be these ninja rules, they spoil important aspect of the game. False sense of security - you fell for that hard, now it stings 10 times more. You are supposed to get ninjaed, so you can go and find good players to play with.

  5. ... You are supposed to get ninjaed, so you can go and find good players to play with.

    Seriously if we let people ninja this server will get a very bad reputation and you'll be left with only scum and no one serious to play with.
    There are rules and rules should be respected and enforced where possible and having proof of someone not following the rules should be punished or we could as well have no rules and admins at all.

    Like everywhere it's all a question of money and I am pretty sure that the bad guys haven't invested a single coin in the game and those who did a minimal donation expect something in return : service.

  6. We have service, report ninjas and they will get banned. It does not prevent ninja, YOU prevent ninja, then you wont have to waste time reporting.

    We got here MMORPG. It's literally "the game" to navigate trough all kinds of people, of whom some will ninja stuff from you. That's old news. They are part of the game, only people who fall for ninjas are new, stupid or don't care, instead of learning their lesson they make some topics how staff should stick their hand into everyones bum, then puppeteer them like a skin suits trough raids and split loot "fairly".

    I refuse to believe that you cant find full raid of people who don't want to raid with ninjas.

  7. ninjaing was a thing back in retail wotlk, and still is here. thats why blizzard changed the loot system.

    Unfortunately, there is no good way to reliable identify ninjas until its too late, so here are a few tips on what to do afterwards:

    1st- a quick screenshot and a ticket will get the ninja a swift ban. it wont give you back the stolen item and it may or may not change the attitude of the ninja, but its the best shot at doing so.
    2nd- dont waste your time with "XYZ GUY IS NINJA, EVERYONE REPORT HIM" on global. thats now how things work, and will cause the "people just dont care" issue you mention. just follow the 1st tip, take a screenshot and report it. a single report can get a ninja ban. 100 people spamming will not.
    3rd- create your own black list, wether its for players or guilds, if you get ninjaed or deslike the way a raid is handled, just /ignore and move on.
    4th- communicate with the raid leader before and during the raid. ask stuff like: "can this class roll this" "can i change ms" "is x item considered as y spec". if they have ninja tendencies, you will recognize them almost inmediately.
    5th- inspect the group, and communicate irregularities. sometimes a simple "this guy already has x item" or "this guy is getting carried by his guild master" can make a quick heads up not just for you, but for the entire raid.

    reports of ninjaing DO happen, but only those with proof can make the reports (a screenshot, video, etc), otherwise its useless. as for the rewards, knowing someone got banned for stealing an item should be good enough.

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