1. Suggestion for lordaeron

    I was thinking if we could implement somehow that alliance can queue up with horde in RDF if they want to , that would reduce the queue time tremendously , just like the pvp mode , a mercenary mode but for pve :)

  2. Yet again...
    Suggested lots if times > denied lots of times
    Do you realise that Horde have same ratio of tank-healer-dps as Alliance? It will change nothing at all, just like on retail, where they had to do it due to overall decrease of servers population.
    Like realy, can you provide ANY data regarding playerbase that moved you to suggest such original (not really) idea?
    I'll tell you a secret, but horde is even more PvE-raiding oriented due to how good their racials are for some min/max raiding, which naturaly results in low tank/heal % of players

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