1. 1v1 npc

    Hey, can you add 1v1 npc to Blackrock beacuse its kinnda borning only to play 2s and i am wating 6min in a solo q for 1 arena then i just log off and dont play it.I would play more if there would be a 1v1 npc.And i think more peple would like this also would be nice to see how top players play 1v1 and not only 2v2 or 3v3/solo q but ye hopefully you will add that then its gonna be more fun to the game.

  2. Yes i would like also 1v1 beacuse i just log and look if my teamm8 is online when not i just log off but if there were a 1v1 npc i would play more.

  3. Why would you need a 1v1 NPC when you can just duel people in duel zone?

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