1. PVE Dungeons Expansion

    First off, I'd like to say that the frostmourne progression and timewalking system is genius. It adds life without designing content from scratch.

    My suggestion is to expand the playable options for PVE mid-endgame by recycling content from lower dungeons and world events:
    -level 80 Dire Maul, Strat, SM
    -level 80 Molten Core, BWL, AQ
    -level 80 world bosses
    -level 80 rhok Hunter quests
    -level 80 scaled dungeons gear (for instance, tier .5, 1, 2, 60 pvp, 70 pvp, etc)
    -Bring relevant upscaled gear to the store
    -level 80 etc.

    Basically, take any part of the Azeroth (and over time, many parts), and scale them up to level 80 difficulties, so that the endgame has variety. Instead of cycling a small handful of heroic dungeons, cycle ALL the dungeons... Eventually, of course. Also, instead of disenchanting or transmogging Netherwind, Dragonstalkers, etc.... Scale it up, so there's some armor variety.

    This address 2 problems:
    1. Everyone is wearing the same armor, and outside of transmog, all other armor is useless. Warrior's Wrath set looked amazing... Why bury it?
    2. There's so much unused content in this game that could still be fun and add variety. Blackrock Mountain is still an awesome place... Why don't we run it at 80 with the difficulty scaled up to match heroics and throw it in the RDF queue?

    Right now, Warmane is the best WoW server I've played on, surpassing "Blizzard" (RIP actual Blizzard) servers. The only downside is that lightning halls gets damn boring after the 50th run or so.
    Edited: September 6, 2021

  2. yea right now there isnt much to do besides raiding ulduar and spamming the same couple hero dungeons each day.
    diversifying content would be awesome

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