1. Need help for Multiboxing

    Hey guys, im looking for days and could not Connect with Innerspace to Warmane.
    I tried so many things, i addet also the game to Innerspace, but when i start it, it always open Wow Retail and not Wotlk client.
    I removed retail completly but doesnt helped.
    Is here someone who can help me out and bring the system to run? Teamviewer is also possible.
    I did multiboxing before, but never on Privat Server. It doesnt work for me. I do something wrong, but I dont know what.

    Im Using IsBoxer and Innerspace
    If i understand right, we can still Multibox 10 or 25 for only Raiding?

    Thx a lot

    My System

    Ryzen 5 3600
    DDR5 16GB 4000 Mhz
    RTX 2060 Super
    Edited: September 7, 2021

  2. Did you select the correct profile for the characters you added?

    In ISBoxer; go to Characters-tab, select one of the characters, look at "Game" and "Game Profile".
    Is it set to the correct version here?

  3. I had a same problem, for me it was the wow.exe file. Is has to be the correct spelling eg wow.exe. I originally had mine as warmane.com

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