1. Ability to buy loot with ingame tokens such as EoF

    What are your thoughts on the following?

    Have a vendor in Dalaran on the wotlk servers where you can buy Raid loot for EoFs. The loot would unlock as you kill the relevant bosses (for example you wouldn't be able to buy DBW before you kill DBS).

    This would create a sink for emblems of frost beyond getting your t10 gear and 264 trinkets and farming primos. It would also eliminate frustration from not getting loot despite killing a specific boss for the 1000th time.

  2. That would also kill the whole server in a matter of months since everyone will be fully geared a lot faster than by grinding raids and lose interest. On top of that, in those few months, you'll just have bad people wearing high tier items which will result in a boost of gs requirements in pug raids - then we'll get "pug raids too high req" crying flood again.
    Besides, if you're not on Lordaeron, you can donate for the items you're missing. So making an EoF vendor for items will cut profits aswell.

    Don't see anything positive coming out of this.

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