1. Low bracket Blackrock problem

    Hello. I know this topic will make some people mad but still.

    I returened back to Warmane after 2year of break. I got myself to 80 and start gearing up. I prefer pvp over pve so i noticed the difference in battlegrounds realy fast.

    Personally i do not have anything against Blackrock, tho them being in the low bracket battlegrounds its kinda overpowered. At the moment i play on the horde side and i know what people will say. Horde is just bad. And i even agree with that to some point. Sadly i joined many batlegrounds were majority of alliance team was from blackrock (even WSGs with 9 Blackrock players) while all horde was icecrown and lord all with 3-4k gearscore.

    So this is where i see a problem. The difference is just to big. As example in last battleground 3 of us with 3-4kgs were needed to take down single Blackrock healer. While rest of the team were oblitirated by 2 or 3 blackrock players.

    So i dont really understand. Icecrown and Lordaeron players spent days/weeks leveling and obtaining basic gear from crafting and heroics, just to get 1 shotted in battlegrounds. Wasnt whole idea of brackets to separate geared and not geared players? Since Blackrock has option to get really good gear why even get them to low bracket? what is the purpouse? (tho I understand its good feeling to get gear with 1 click and feel like you owning in battlegrounds) I kinda farm honor for 2 weeks now and cant even obtain basic gear since my win ratio is like 20%. Some days i dont even get my daily win due to the difference in gear.

    I know horde has Blackrock players also, but the number is almost never even with alliance side.

    So yea i do not udnerstand idea. You allow Blackrock players to reach 5.5kgs, and instead putting them against 6kgs ppl, you put them down into 3kgs bracket where they dominate people with 1 or 2 shotting them. And from my perspective. People who have best gear in bracket actually winning 80%+ battlegrounds. So me and my fellow low gs players who actually need honor are destroyed by people with bis bracket gear who dont rly need honor.
    I just dont see logic in this. I know some wil say its so the ques are faster. But id rather had longer ques with higher chance to win. In recent days i saw people at the beginning of battlegrounds saying...."eh 10 blackrock players on alli again" and they just afked since there is no chance of winning and they know how big the difference is.

    So dont really know how to solve this. Atleast make system where number of blackrock players on both sides is even or just make blackrock bgs only.

    So dont know, noone will prolly read this anyway, but still. Someone has to say it.

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    From my point of view as someone who has been playing a lot of low bracket 80s pvp recently, I can understand where you’re coming from but Blackrock is not a big problem.

    In fact, Blackrock is necessary currently because there would not be enough players to even pop Battleground queues for this bracket. How can I know? Because I sit in queues ranging from 2-10 minutes waiting for games where I see the same faces/names every game. The player base, including all the realms is simply not enough for this particular focus. The main sell of Warmane has and will always be its Icecrown server which is for an End-game BiS WotLK experience. That player base are the primary support system and clients for Warmane. Now if you want a Hateful Gear only bracket, or a Furious Gear only bracket, the reality is that there are not enough players interested or able to support that gameplay consistently.

    As for the imbalance you are experience. There will always and has always been imbalance in battlegrounds at all levels of play. Where or not its a 10-19 bracket or a 80 bracket, you will always find players with better gear than you. As a matter of fact, if warmane did not intervene, and you were to play the actual Blizzard experience, there would be no separate bracket at all. Sure, there would be less BiS people, but you really don’t need a lot of them to ruin a bg.

    Now, maybe the issue for you is that the characters on Blackrock are given full Hateful sets w/ pve weapons. Maybe you are complaining about that. Except Hateful is two tiers below the top end of the Lower 80 Bracket. If they have better than Hateful is because they have displayed skill in Arena and have been rewarded over weeks of playing. A hateful player is still low in the 80s low Bracket.

    Now if you’re comparing this to Icecrown players and saying Blackrock players have an advantage, you’re actually wrong. Icecrown players can simply due rdfs or farm honor and skip the arena-skill line straight to 5/5 furious mainset. In addition they can vote each day on the shop and receive up to 1.2 points, 11-13 of which can be used to purchase deadly-BiS gear for the lowbracket, including Furious weapons etc. Furthermore, you can get run through low 80 raids like Ulduar or Naxx with Icecrown Pug raids who will destroy the content because they’re in ICC gear.

    For Frostmourne players, they have the advantage of being able to experience the PvE aspect of the game as well. They’re not just stuck in Dalaran sewers like Blackrock players, whilst also being able to play Wintergrasp. Furthermore, from naturally playing on Frostmourne, you will easily grab a few pieces of gear as you progress that is immediately better than anything premade on Blackrock.

    As a final note, Blackrock players are mostly bad so I don’t even know why this gets complained about so much. Blackrock players are most of the time first-timers on that class and attracts players who do not have the time or the effort to just play the game on Frostmourne/Icecrown and get Deadly or Furious. That says a lot about the caliber of those players. The most dangerous players are the PointShop BiS Furious Twinks on Icecrown and genuine Frostmourne Arena Ladder Players with Yogg Achievements. They are the real deal.
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