1. 4 Weeks Ago  

    we need city wide trade channels.

    according to the warmane icecrown realm info "players looking for a stable and mature realm should look no further , icecrown has proven itself over the course of many years as a mature international community"
    now there is a small percentage of the pop that you could say that for a large majority of the pop cant even use trade chat/ looking for group chat properly. there is more lfg in trade chat and more trade in lfg chat than what should be and sooner or later the ignore list fills up,
    its stated in the forumns that spamming a global channel which city wide channels are or miss use of these channels is a muteable or bannable offence and sadly its usually the actual sellers in trade who spam to get past the lfg spam that get harrassed, if icecrown was truely a mature realm people would understand the difference between Looking for group and trade channels and GMS would be actually doing something about it like what happens on retail or other servers.

  2. 4 Weeks Ago  
    Trade and looking for groups chat are dead and they were never used on Warmane. Frequently posting your sale on global channel isn't bannable nor is it spam.
    Posting @@@@@@[email protected]@@@ bomb is spam and that's bannable only in case a person does it for a very long time. If you are bothered by frequent LFG or trade messages put the people on ignore.
    If your ignore list fills up, get an addon that expands it.

    They can't force people to use channels they don't want nor do they have the manpower to monitor channels 24/7.
    Don't expect Warmane to take unnecessary action when you can fix the issue yourself.

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