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    Pre-pots and potions for fury

    Hello! Help me find the answer. Which pre-pot and pot is best?
    A friend says it's best to use "indestructible potion", because in combination with "Armored to the Teeth (3/3)" the warrior receives 102 attack power + reduces physical damage by 4.35% for 2 minutes at the beginning of the battle (pre-pot), and for another 2 minutes during the battle. This is an increase for almost the entire boss fight.
    So the question is: which will be better? "potion of speed" for 30 seconds in battle (15 + 15)? "Insane Strength Potion" which gives +120 strength for 30 seconds? Or "indestructible potion?

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    Idealy, you'd go with armor pot 61 second before pull > insane strenght potion before pull > armor pot during fight. But it is possible only few bosses (waste of time - waiting 60 seconds for potions to kill boss 1-2 seconds faster)

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