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    [A] <XGM> Progressive South-Asian English Speaking Guild

    We are a progressive raiding guild that was created on 31st July 2021
    Basically, we are a group of friends, very different from classes and specs to nationalities and real life professions.We like to keep our raids stress free and non toxic, but at the same time achieve PVE-end game progression with a friendly community. This guild is for those who take wow as a game and not a job. You are not an employee to log in and listen/get scolded at by the raid lead; you are a part of our community and you are valued. We like to keep the fun aspect of the game. Are you a new player who wants to master your spec/class? are you tired of pugging and wiping? Tired of raids ending at rot/fester? Tired of trashy raid leads? Join us.

    Loot system: DKP

    Current Requirements
    Hunter - Low
    Boomkin - High
    Disco, holy priest - High
    Demo lock - Very high
    Fwarr - Closed
    Ret pala - Closed
    Rsham - Low
    Tanks - Closed

    Raid Schedule

    Invites start at 15:00

    Monday - Bane
    Wednesday - 3x RS 25N
    Friday : ICC25 ALT RUN
    Saturday: ICC25
    Sunday: ICC25

    We hold boost runs, banes throughout the week when any of the officers are online.

    Our current progress:

    ICC10N 12/12 | ICC10HC 12/12 |
    ICC25N 12/12 | ICC25HC 8/12 |

    RS10N 4/4 | RS10HC 3/4
    RS25N 4/4 |
    TOC10 5/5 | TOGC10 5/5
    TOC25 5/5

    Raid Requirements:
    - DBM + Pally power (for paladins)
    - Brain power
    - Discord
    - Gemmed & Enchanted
    - 5.8k GS with proper 4 Set Tier pieces (multiple toons would be helpful for the guild)
    - Speak in English

    Guild Leadership:

    Flyboy/Chaddi/Ninjafap - GM
    Aranosaur/Wickedflare/Powerlifter- Officer
    Silversleep/Silverdream/Silverfire- Officer
    Wurrior - Raid assist
    Toroz - Raid assist
    Jalliya/Iakona/Zandu- Raid assist
    Onjuice/Neewwbbton - Raid assist
    Ballzz/Teamskeet/Jarawas/Ashieler - Raid assist

    Ranks/Raid rules/DKP/Membership perks available on our Guild discord. In game whisper an officer/raid assist or any member for the link.
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    seems awesome guild, i should join...

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    What's the start time of the raid?

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    a week recap of our guild progression, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Bane of the Fallen King!
    and our 4th kill went smooth, everything is one shooted

    Interested in joining us? Submit your application!

    Jk, there is no application needed. just type ingame /who xgm and whisper those guys below

    Aranosaur/Wickedflare/Powerlifter- Officer
    Silversleep/Silverdream- Officer
    Wurrior - Raid assist
    Toroz - Raid assist
    Jalliya - Raid assist
    Onjuice/Neewwbbton - Raid assist
    Ballzz/Teamskeet/Jarawas/Ashieler - Raid assist
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    Jk #2 don't actually whisper me, I don't invite people.

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