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    DK leveling recommandtion

    Hello guys

    I am look for recommendations and tips for Death knight leveling on Lordaeron Server, which spec is better for tanking dungeons and questing ? talent tree if possible, glyphs,...etc

    or any extra information it would help.


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    Fastest leveling is either Frost or Unholy, Blood has best survivability which is useful against elite NPCs but it also has slowest leveling speed.
    I recommend you read all of Gnimo's guides to get the know the class better and then decide for yourself the spec you wanna run: http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=344509

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    In my opinion leveling as blood easiest and best for solo leveling. Unholy and Frost may do more damage with a full offensive rotation, but they have to sacrifice a lot of that damage to heal via Deathstrike or spend some secconds eating.
    As Blood you have Deathstrike in you normal rotation and combined with Vendetta talent you should be close to full hp after every fight.
    If not you can heal on the move for the price of 1 blood rune.
    And unlike Frost and Unholy you donīt rely on you runic power for damage, so you can specc into Lichborne for even more healing with Deathcoil.

    If you level in a group with a healer or hybrid, it is of course better to go frost or unholy.

    Or just play the specc you like. DK is a very strong leveler in any of the three speccs and not reliant on gear. With x7 xp you can get to 80 while still using some pieces from the starting zone.

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    If leveling solo and doing similiar-level quests, I advice Blood cause you just can't die.
    If you leveling with friends or doing "green" quests, frost or unholy for fast dps.

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