1. seasonal players gets qued with s8

    Hello, why am I getting qued with bis wrathfull peaple in bgs as seasonal player? Max gear we can get atm is rele, where is logic to put us with ppl who has gear what is not even accessible for us? Is this ssome sort of bug or this is intended to be like this? Thank you!
    Edited: October 20, 2021

  2. Yeah i agree, why is that?? There must be a bug or somthing

  3. can you please fix this OMG how can we get honor with our s5 startring gear while we getting in full s8 ppl bgs

  4. Yeah same thing happening here, must be a bug

  5. Should no longer be happening the next time you join a battleground.

  6. Fixed thanks
    Edited: October 20, 2021

  7. Same here, I logged in to play BG as normally today and noticed I am not in Frostmourne/Blackrock season bracket like it was in S5 and S6.

    Yesterday I was around 4800 gearscore and still played in seasonal bracket with all the old seasonal people. I know its itemlevel that matters but GS is easier

    Today I bough relentless bracers, bots and belt and after that I notice that I am not in season anymore but in games with people that have access to wrathful and ICC gear. We play season for the sake to be locked in our own universe, but now it seems to miss the whole point when I play with people from S8 in bgs.

  8. I'm still getting into games with people that have Shadowmourne, how am I suppose to fight them XD

  9. Yeah, just entered into a few full BiS s8 warriors pummeling my poor season 5 geared lock. fix this ****.

  10. Now it is better because I don't get qued with bis SM players, but still battlegrounds are now full with icecrown twinks with wrathfull offsets and icc weapons.
    Kinda unfair imo.

  11. 4 Weeks Ago  
    Hey the s8 bug is back today we are no more vs frostmourn players we are vs full s8 icecrown blacktock players

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