1. Wotlk 3.3.5 - D3d9 converted to (Vulkan) FPS and perfomance BOOST [2022-AGO-25]

    IMPORTANT, this guide has been updated 2022-AGO-25

    1 - Introduction

    These days we all experience problems with the wow 3.3.5 client, no matter how good specs have our computer, we always have fps drops and poor performance.
    This obviously happens because you are an old client, and you have many limitations with new technologies.

    I have been looking for some method to improve the performance of the wow as well as its quality. Find some methods like increasing the ram capacity, so that the game can use the ram, but without the limitations of its 32-bit architecture.

    2 - Objetives

    Take advantage of the performance of our computer and / or gpu, with the help of new technologies, making our wow have a small or great improvement in performance.

    3 - What we to do?

    We will use 2 libreries which were made by some users of the github community, through them we will modify the integrity of the d3d9 file and make it work so that it is able to take advantage of vulkan and / or d3d12 technology

    We will use the following libraries according to your computer:

    3.1 Requeriments

    [ALERT!!! NEW UPDATE, TRY DON'T USE WOW LAA version, apparently it works better without LAA]

    • Wow 3.3.5 game (I've tested it using the WOW hd version with LAA And without LAA (new experiment and apparently it works better))
    • GPU or technology the which be able to use VULKAN (NVIDIA OR AMD works)
    • Willing to do test and patience
    • Download the files ....
    • Windows Or Linux (I am not sure if it works in MAC)

    4 - Let's do it!

    Before starting I want to mention the specifications of my computer, where I tested these methods.

    This is my spec (normally the game is in low Quality and have unstable drop FPS under 30 or under 15... 10.. is very bad! "although apparently it works between 70 - 75"):

    • [Windows 10 pro - 64Bits version 21H1]
    • Intel Core i7-4790k
    • Gtx 1050 ti 4GB
    • 16 GB RAM DDR3
    • 120 gb SSD game folder

    I can't be sure that the methods I'm going to mention below will work on your computer, but you could try and get something.

    Please update your GPU drivers or it not working good, if you want use old GPU driver, maybe could need download olds builds of DXVK.

    4.1 Converting D3D9 layer to Vulkan (It should be the best method for NVIDIA and AMD GPU)

    We need download the dxvk dll files (FOR 32 BITS, don't use 64 bits libraries, it don't work at least they didn't work for me.)

    Download the tar.gz file in:

    Download and extract, use winrar or 7zip for it. then u get something like it:

    Now go to 32 bits folder and copy the d3d9.dll and dxgi.dll and paste in the root folder next to wow.exe (if u are using a modded d3d9 for custom tweaks you must replace it, if u want continue using it mods, then talking about of it, now we are focused in the convert to d3d9 to vulkan)

    in this moment all should be ready, only need surely that the d3d9 is hooked to wow

    Now need edit the dxkk.conf or download my settings file(is a configure file, that should stay in wow main folder, and the which contain the settings of dxvk, there is the official explication of the features understanding DXVK config)

    DXVK Settings file

    I share with you my personal configuration with the best settings for get performance with my pc

    dxvk.conf (My personal settings) (Updated AGO-2022)

    Please Download and Save as "dxvk.conf" and paste it in wow folder

    4.1.1 Testing installation of the new d3d9 hooked

    Now this if all is working nice, we can open the wow.exe and see it.

    if you dont see the hud, sure that the dxvk.config need that you add the next line (or use my file)
    dxvk.hud = devinfo,fps,pipelines

    PLEASE DON'T TEST FPS WITHIN DALARAN, use other places, because Dalaran is really bugged and bad optimize

    Try change graphics to [this options are bugged and with some gpus do lose much FPS]:
    Shadows in Low
    Grounds clutter radius in Low
    Particles Density: In Low-Mid
    View Distance: Low-MID (High Maybe)
    in the other maybe could use HIGH settings according to you PC and hardware components, but you should test change one per one, because this game is old and is bad optimized.

    Support group:
    Telegram: https://t.me/wow_vulkan_support (Include Files to Download updated and English/Spanish support)
    Edited: August 25, 2022 Reason: Fixing bugs

  2. Tried this, slightly improved my fps but thats all. Textures look sharper or it might be placebo, but for me there is no sky at all, its black

  3. Thank you for taking the time to write this, i'll be sure to test it out and give feedback :)

  4. cool, tnx. already made with dxvk-1.9. one question.how can i disable overlay with vulkan info?

  5. waiting for part2
    get it working the first time.. but only for the first time. just crashes afterwards.. unless I delete the d3d9 dll

  6. I think i managed to install the DirectX9 to DirectX12 API proxy but i'll need to test it in the afternoon when the server is full. It's really not complicated at all:
    0. Assuming you have DirectX12 capable hardware.
    1. Download the latest release zip: https://github.com/megai2/d912pxy/releases
    2. Extract the contents to game client folder.
    3. Run Install.exe (press Enter all the way).
    4. Make sure the game client is using gxApi D3D9.
    5. Run the game.

  7. I did this, but how do you know whether it's worked, i.e. how can you ascertain if its applied? Everything was smooth with installer [I didn't use Vulkan installation], it says 'completed', but i don't see overlay
    Edited: January 1, 2022

  8. Sad to report both "solutions" are a no-go for me.
    i5-8300H / 8GB DDR4 / GTX 1050 4GB / GAMMIX S5 SSD

    Vulkan api makes the game way more choppier in dalaran. DX12 proxy doesn't do much at all(difference can be considered margin of error).

  9. I've been using Vulkan api, and I find myself having to hard restart a few times, due to aforementioned choppiness. However, when it isn't choppy, it does seem considerably smoother - happy to suffer with occasional choppiness for now!

  10. For Linux users, you are better off using using Lutris for this conversion method as it does it for you. There is a warmane install script already included on their website, just click on install and it does the work for you (assuming you get Lutris installed correctly). https://lutris.net/games/world-of-wa...the-lich-king/

    Running VULKAN over dx9 does make wotlk client run smoother compared to just using WINE alone. and much better performance than using OpenGL in config file. Your mileage may very, of course!

    Did all steps on Linux Mint, it didn't work.

    As for the dx12 conversion, I don't know that'll improve things much. feels like a stretch but if it works, cool. For most users, probably better off using WoD HD modules for improved graphics. that is, if your system can handle them.

    edit to add:
    These gaming enhancements are not "converting" anything necessarily, it's utilizing VULKAN to run ON TOP of direct x 9, 11 or 12 to run games, generally improving performance. There is some overhead to that, sure. But with Linux or MacOS , there is less clutter running in the background hogging up resources like Windows does. worth the trade-off, imo.
    Edited: January 4, 2022 Reason: clarifying a bit on directx + vulkan

  11. don't really understand it, but it works..

    I have to delete dxvk config before launching the game, otherwise it crashes instantly.
    the overall quality is better, the FPS is sometimes better, but with huge lag spikes.

    it also works, but nothing seems to change.. maybe some more FPS (2-5)

    idk whats wrong, but I can't get more than 20FPS in Dalaran.. with or without Vulkan or DX12..
    it's not about my config, cuz R5 3600 and RX580 G1 Gaming is a bit overkill for WotLK maybe its the limitation of the game engine itself, and there is nothing you can do about it.

  12. Lag spikes using dxvk are expected because of synchronous shader compilation. Once most shaders are compiled and cached in Wow.dxvk-cache there shouldn't be any more lag spikes. I am not sure if the performance difference is worth it, though.

  13. There is an async version for Vulkan and it works much better: https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk

  14. i had a 30-70fps boost from using this with no problems for several days but then it stopped working on both my wow installs and crashes instantly, i've tried reinstalling & everything i can think of to no avail, the moment i stop using the dxvk dlls i can run the game fine on d3d9

  15. i had a 30-70fps boost from using this with no problems for several days but then it stopped working on both my wow installs and crashes instantly, i've tried reinstalling & everything i can think of to no avail, the moment i stop using the dxvk dlls i can run the game fine on d3d9
    Have you tried removing the Wow.dxvk-cache file?

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