1. <Old School> back at it again and recruiting!

    As the title says, <Old School> is doing it again and is looking for more people to fill our 60 troops!

    By the time we are doing only dungs and minor raids like ZG/AQ 20, even did Molten core,but as we grow up we are having plans on clearing AQ 40 and BWL with twinks only!
    So,raids and dungs are guaranteed target that we will accoplish. Raid time would be officially announced when people are being asked for a raid time that would fit to most.

    There would be more PvE action as world bosses and etc.

    PvP action is planned aswell,as mostly it will goes to world PvP, Arenas and 1v1 guild events!

    Well thats just shortly said, i hope we see you ingame! Peace!

  2. I am interested in this project,

    How many players are you for the raids ?

    Which class do you need mainly ?

    Which server ?

    See you soon in game
    Edited: November 10, 2021

  3. 1. Around 15 atm
    2. Maybe some ranged dps,but honestly anything that you would like to play.
    3. Icecrown - horde side.

    See ya soon mate!

  4. Hi. Still active? I wanted to make ench sharman. Can you guys also help get the gear needed etc ?

  5. Yes we are still active and really big! We already cleared MC multiple times, BWL two times by now and yesterday AQ 40. We help with gearing so dont worry about that, you are more than welcomed!

  6. Discogorilla

    What is your in-game name so I can add you to join guild? Mine is Cigankastoja

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