1. They ****ed up everything since frostmourn, its been 2 years that warmane arena is miserable. The only way to make warmane revelant again is making 6months season so people can reach high rating.

  2. just finish the seasson now, the mmr did reset on blackrock on 2s 3s , noone can play if has high rating team .....

  3. Do you Remove Supreme title each season? Or it is permanent title ?

  4. May 21, 2022  
    How are % calculated? For example:

    Season 3v3 Rewards
    Top 3% of players
    Duelist title

    3 % of what? What constitutes a player? Back on retail it was the teams that counted, not players, and it was only eligible teams above 1000 rating with eligible players that counted as a team.

    Can someone please explain to me in more detail how the titles are calculated on Warmane?
    So does anyone know this?

  5. May 21, 2022  
    Easy make new team with 2nd character, lose 1 game to have 0 rating and to get updated rating. Then you will see the total number of teams and calculate roughly what rank do you need to get to certain %

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