1. Unused Hyjal

    Hello everyone:

    There is a zone in Kalimdor called Hyjal, between Felwood and Winterspring. I am not talking about the raid, it is a world zone.
    It is ''inaccessible'' for players and the map will not let you click on it, but if you manage to go you will find it is completely decorated, a beautiful map really elaborated with 0 npcs.
    It makes me sad that it remains unused and hidden, only to be visited by a few players. So I suggest it could be used for a realm event for a limited time, maybe something like a battle royale pvp event in groups of 5 (for example).

    Thank you for your time. GLHF!

  2. Back in retail mount hyjal used to have a troll village at the top with dancing trolls, but not here. Well maybe we have it now, I havent been up there in 6-7 years I think.

  3. I've been there several times via the help of a priest. A few years ago warmane had a friendly Lich King and Hogger NPC up there. It'd be a cool place to have realm events. There are a LOT of hidden areas like this throughout the game including areas where blizzard tested concepts for new zones below the map. Some of the cosmetics you see in these areas are used no where else. They're pretty cool.

    To the other guy above, the dancing troll village is in the mountains above Winterspring and to the west a bit. You can get there easy if you have engineering and/or slowfall. Source: Me and a friend like to explore when we're bored.

    EDIT: There's also a place in the mountains to the east of northern feralas and south of Mulgore that had it's terrain sclupted by blizzard but with nothing in it. It's perfect size for a huge mounted version of Warsong Gulch where players can carry the flag while on 100% mount speed. It'd be fun chasing each other down in that place. I'm sure you can get there with a priest but I got there with nitro boots xtreme and parachute from the pillar in northern Feralas you can tp up to.
    Edited: November 17, 2021

  4. I'd love to see an event there (perhaps one for holidays like we had last year?), the zone is too pretty to be unused.

  5. Curious how you get there. I googled it and classic showed a method but pretty sure the landscape in darkwhisper gorge was changed since then.

  6. There's a gated entrance to Hyjal in the cave of Southern Winterspring. I'd also like to add that this same concept should be used for other "inaccessible" areas of the game such as the Karazhan Crypts. Since we're stuck on the same expansion, might as well use all of the available content.

  7. Darkwhisper Gorge IS southern Winterspring. The landscape down there is such that you can't get into Hyjal. Videos from classic showing how to do it shows a slope that was softer than it is now. Same spot, exact same coordinates, landscape slightly steeper now. So the question is, how do you get into uncharted Hyjal in Wotlk?

  8. Priest levitate and wall climbing.

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