1. When will the season end and when will we transfer our characters to the Icecrown server?

  2. When will the season end and when will we transfer our characters to the Icecrown server?
    if you mean "Rele pvp season" = on 21 Decembere 2021

    If you mean "Frostmourne-Season2" = around 15-April-2022 (and you will be able to move to icecrown on the same date)

  3. For those wondering about our event timewalking experience, Ahn'Qiraj quest chain will be available at a later date, post holidays and likely bundled with Ruby Sanctum release.

  4. Will there be bonus loot in Sunwell Plateau so loot responds to doing ICC? Like BT council dropped for multiple bosses in Ulduar? We finished KJ last night and it felt really unrewarding...

  5. You forgot to wipe ARENA POINTS, Thank you.

  6. Are You considering hosting event cross-realm? Is it over? I cannot find any info on forum

  7. Well every achievement farmer in FM just finished the chain that wasn't TWed and now we are all stuck with the war efforts that weren't mentioned anywhere in this thread or the announcement #sadface at least the chain is fun and gives a good xmog weapon at the end

  8. Greetings Gm and warmane community, 1 week ago I found out about this great event (excellent in my opinion because it allows you to get a mount that is not even in the store) and it makes you live the adrenaline of how they did the chain of missions in the classic and farming the materials. I promote the scarab lord event every day and I have noticed that they are not interested until I have received insults, I have not given up on the idea of ​​obtaining this mount and I continue farming but I have realized that the effort we have to make is a lot do with the 40 or 50 people that I have managed to support in the chain of missions. My point is that if a light of hope could be given for those of us who are really interested in obtaining the title and the mount, a little help to motivate us with an idea, for example, deactivate the npc that gives the initial quest and reduce the war effort by 40 % or 30% . Seeing this little help, the few people who, if we are interested, have the opportunity, I do not ask that they give us the saddle and the title for free, but rather a ray of hope . thanks for your time and greetings .

  9. seems like none of you guys will get the Scarab Lord title. Good Luck in next season though.

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