1. characters lost

    Haven't played in a few years, now coming back to see that my acc is empty. What is going on ? Where are my characters ? Hello ?

  2. did you check just on website? if you see no character it is because they have been flagged for a rename. So you have to log with a client to set new names on them

    If you have already checked in-game and no characters are showed, please provide more info.
    on which realm?
    When did you log last time?

  3. I See that I have 1 character in lordaeron, but when I enter the character selection in the realm, there is nothing. I had no heroes at all in the accaunt

  4. Soo, I guess I am not getting my characters and time played here back...

  5. as I have asked you earlier, when did you play last time?
    1 year ago?
    2 years ago?
    5 years ago?

    Maybe you were playing on other realms, which do not exist anymore. That is why answering to that question may help to understand what has happened to your characters

  6. I was last online 1.5 -2 years ago in lordaeron

  7. Was it lvl 80?
    Usually only low level inactive characters are deleted during period cleanup

    Btw if you want a final responde about what has happened to your character I guess you may send an email to [email protected] (or by opening a ticket on website if your account is premium)

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