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    [H] < D I S R E S P E K T > Singapore made SEA/EU Raiding Guild

    < D I S R E S P E K T >

    Set up by a group of friends who played during the Molten Era, we are an international progressive raiding guild with members mainly from Asia and Europe. This guild is a community of like-minded players of different caliber, ranging from fresh new raiders to LOD players.

    We don't use anything other than Discord.
    Raid usually starts around 1:30pm to 2pm ST.
    We use DKP as our main loot distribution method for 25 man mode.

    Raid schedule
    Monday: ICC 10 nm @ 5pm ST
    Tuesday: ICC 25 nm @ 1:30pm ST
    Thursday: ICC 25 6/12 HC @ 1:30pm ST
    Friday: Bane @ 1:30pm ST
    Saturday: ICC 25 Main run @ 2pm ST
    Sunday: ICC 10 nm @ 1:30pm ST

    Requirement: English speaking. Anyone who is raid ready.

    Contact us on discord channel for more info. Officers are usually online after 12pm ST: https://discord.gg/gSSTYgDr87

    PS: Any singapore/malaysia players out there?
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