The night shift is a late night, end raiding guild currently in progression. We are currently at 8/12HC on a weekly basis. However we need to be a raid filled by only guild members to progress much further. It's a pretty laid back environment where we help each other gear alts / do old content.

Raid Schedule:

Sunday: ICC Dynamic run 2am ST
Monday: ICC Alt run 2am ST
Thursday: ICC LoD Progression 2AM ST

Tuesday: ICC Alt run 2AM ST.
Tuesday: ICC Late Bane run 5am ST
Wednesday: ICC Bane run 2AM ST
Thursday: ICC 10man EoF 5AM ST

Old Content Raids:

Friday: Ulduar, ToGC, Naxx 2am ST (ATM running ulduar glory runs on fridays)

Recruiting: Currently recruiting all roles


Or Whisper Rockspirit, Periapt