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    [A] Neckbeards Inc (social/casual/newbie guild)

    I'm currently looking for some founding members for my new guild Neckbeards Inc.

    1) Don't be rude and harass people, or be racist, or be an overall terrible person
    2) Just have fun, this isn't some uber end-game guild, there's no need to spam people for stuff like raids
    3) I don't mind if you become inactive and take a break but please just tell me, I understand

    Looking for:
    newbies from around level 1-30, must have access to discord, 13 years old and up.

    If this interests you, meet me in-game, ill be around stormwind or goldshire, IGN:Dandriah

    heres our discord
    Edited: 3 Weeks Ago Reason: forgot to add discord link

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