1. My 3-person mount disappeared!

    Hello everyone! I just came back playing after 5 years (i think) and i noticed one of my most used mount disappeared. I'm referring to Reins of the traveler's tundra mammoth, the one carrying 2 npcs that worth 16k gold. Can someone enlighten me what happened? Is it because of my inactivity?

  2. Mounts can't be deleted nor do they vanish out of thin air. Additionally, Warmane staff never deleted mounts from anyone. If you don't have it under mount tab you never had it in the first place.

  3. Nah. I'm confident i have the said mount. I still remember those days i farmed POS and summoned it for equipment repair. Anyway thanks for your response. I think i'll try contacting them via sending a ticket.

  4. Check if you have the achievement and if you do write a ticket the mount is missing. If you don't , well memories can be false (Or from other servers, or whatever) you know :)

  5. I have a screenshot of my character riding on it back then though and also i was told to put a new IGN the first time i logon just recently.
    Edited: December 9, 2021

  6. Did you follow Keymouse's suggestion?

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