1. thanks warmane for not making a decent event. 120 for over thousand of players ???

  2. there are tons of braindead ppl stacking on npc with fuking mammoths so u cant click
    oh also btw, cd is just 24h. So its impossible to join it....
    also 120 players per day when u have 12k on server, so honestly idk if this is joke or what

  3. Now watch them coming out with some ****y excuse KEKW why the event is like that

  4. Trash warmane everrrrr!! Give us back ours snowman and ours old-molten- themes

  5. yea join event and get kick and lot off ppl standing with mamonths in npc place

  6. Well here I am again, Warmane didnt like I called them out yesterday on my post so it got deleted, the lack of motivation ever since 2020 rolled around here has plummeted, I have seen VERY little fixes in northrend zones, and the low tier events and coding that get put together without any real group of people to test it and make sure it works as intended never happens, we are just forced to deal with the mess then get told "sorry". The same people who donate to help the server stay a-float get told 'sorry' and 'get over it' for an event that they wanted to put together to show their appreciation I would ***-U-ME. Whats even more funny is i'm not even being insulting in the slightest, just pointing fingers, and they still dont like it, and probably still wont... Learn what constructive criticism is. :) -A $$ supporter

  7. GM!

    Pls Explain us the event, how this work!

  8. How to get rid of [Scavenger Hunt Clue] now that is soulbound??

  9. Yooo people so flame, we be needin some snowman (angry if possible) to chill em. (this is EoF post)

    Zombie event was good tho, just need to reduce que time/

  10. This event's are the worst decision. How did you even come up with an event for 120 people out of 12k people. On top of that it has 24h cooldown.

  11. Yooo people so flame, we be needin some snowman (angry if possible) to chill em. (this is EoF post)

    Zombie event was good tho, just need to reduce que time/
    good wtf you mean? **** was bugged, horde and alliance targetting the same mobs, which make them grey. 120people for realms with over 3k people

  12. Did not expect those trash events, wasted hours waiting and doing the events. The title of the worst event goes to ZOMBIES,

  13. I was waiting at the npc and when the time came I was even able to click on the event , wooosh and full , joined -died-teled to Westfall-sickness - and to get ported for free to Dala at least I didn't use my HS. Maybe next time :)

  14. If you have files saved from the Azshara event last year or the Angry Snowman event from 2 years ago just bring it back. I think it would be faster then to fix the new event which is bugged and if it would work properly it would be only 120 people a day from a faction is pretty unfair for everyone who cant get it because the years before everyone were able to do it at different time.

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