1. Last year event, people was crying about it but ended up being insane. The extra 40 talent points and legendary items brought so much to the table that not only getting mounts was amazing but also the playstyle within the raid you've created was good. I'd skip every raid on multiple chars just to farm that.
    Of course it would never be as good (and accepted by the community) as the old ''cow event'' ''invasions and snowman'' and so on. I loved invasion events, althought I get why you removed them.
    This year, the rewards are sort of not on the same level as last year, people plays and WAITS for this time of the year to enjoy such amazing events. Lets try to change this, we're still on time.

  2. There's a function to /target a npc by name and then another function to interact with it without clicking on it.
    Stop whining and don't be dumb.

    On the event:
    i qued once and loading screen sent me to a place where i saw gazillion players... but was teleported to Dalaran in like 10 seconds.
    Ok, ran to OG, qued again, entered in another one, saw everyone around was buffing etc etc and.... after like 20-30s EVERYONE was ported to Dalaran with raid disbanded and together we were running again to OG to que - but the npc reported event currently closed, next one begins in 24h.
    Can anyone care to explain was this all a bug or "work as intended"?

    Overall - really bad experience.
    I can't believe you allowed yourselves to screw with several thousand people's nerves.
    Apart from ruining 3 hours of everyone's life, many other events and scheduled raids had to be postponed. And people have lives, can't attend new date of postponed raid so you ****ed up with someones good spending of holiday Sunday.
    I can't believe you behaved really like a 'fun' server where 'tests' are ran on the fly rather than on a separate server/realm in test environment. With that many thousands of player im sure there'd be hundreds of volunteers.

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! What is going on in SWC today?

  4. So far 2 events, BOTH BUGGED
    Can u bring back last years events pls?

  5. Well I felt like I have to say something about this event.
    Some people come and say really impolite things about this event which is actually a gift given to them. Even if it’s the worst thing ever which is not you look at it totally the wrong way. The intention behind an action is the most important thing.
    Some say this is a stupid reward or meaningless reward or blah blah blah. Well of course it’s meaningful of course it’s valuable and lovely because the intention was to make players happier and that’s all that matters to me and I’m sure to many more.
    If you see problems and flaws in it isn’t it better to say it in a polite and right way so that all the programmers who spends hours and days to created them don’t feel bad? You expect some time that you spend be rewarded with a good loot how about people who created new year events with selfless expectations? If you don’t say thank you at least don’t say hurtful things

  6. I'm sorry, but this just feels like a big F-you to the community. You announced the events would start at 13:00 ST, and that the scavenger event would hold special rewards for the first people to complete it. I logged in like 30 min before the event was about to start, to get ready for the hunt, and by that time the event was already over. You had started it early.

    Fine, kinda lame, but there's more events I thought. Zombie Event! Oh no, it has a SIX HOUR cd. Ok, fine, ill log again in 5 hours. Then the event starts, and its 120 spots. 120 spots. If you try and queue, but don't get it, you'll end up dead and get teleported to crossroads, which means ress sickness... I talked to the npc again, and the whole event was over, but now the cd is 24 hours.

  7. I dont think we complain about the work the staff has done , but how the broken the zombie event is it is UNDOABLE , like wait for 8hrs for an event and then get whooped around the map and end up in Dalaran. Not fun. The clue event was great , in retail the Hivemind needs a lot of steps ( I was there when it started in the discord to the very end it took more than 4hrs to complete and figure out every clue so this one was fairly easy except the 4th and 6th still cant understand how people read those boggers of words)

  8. Good event best nice got shadowmourne from event !!!

  9. Really-really bad event


  10. The Zombies event shall be tweaked and the cooldown was only set to 24 hours because it needs re-tuning.

    Those asking for massive EoF farms as usual for the past few years. We can tell you right away that such an event will not be making a return. Ever. Other feedback has been taken into account.

  11. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  12. How long can we expect the tweaking to last?

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