1. How do I get rid off the stupid scavenger hunt clue scrolls ? Full bags and cant do nothing with it :O

  2. what the hell if this thing wasn't even ready to post or anything why did you posted it no reason for, ofcourse everyone got mad no one expected this to be so bad like this and 120 players from both fatcions? please dont make me laugh. okey whatever what about the rewards? for the 3v3 pvp bunch of my friends says they got garbage loot like 1 stack of frost cloth and other usless things, and what about the other event the "scavage hunt" for 4-5 hour farm we got a usless bear wtf man ? atleast if you would bring back ashara or the snowman everyone would chill

  3. Bro life is unfair. Just fish-up in tanaris & enjoy :S

  4. what is the answer for clue 4

  5. Where can i even join?Or how do i start these?There is no explanation at all

  6. Would've made more sense to make events like the 3v3 brawl 24 hour cd per character. Would've reduced the load on the server so you don't have thousands of people trying to join all at once and so that thousands of people would've had the chance to participate in these events you guys created instead of a few dozen. Seems like whoever the project manager is on ur team really missed the mark this year.

  7. Make Azshara again and everyone will be happy! Cheers

  8. nice replace the actual good events with a ****ty one
    also good job making a 120 person even on a supposed 12000 person server

  9. Grateful for the bespoke events, but maybe next time make it clear that some of the scavenger clues are Imgur links? There's literally 0 instruction for us to know that we are to go to a website that is completely unaffiliated from Warmame in order to progress further? Trying to work out which website URL to enter before the provided ".../[string]" clue literally is not a puzzle? Had someone not created the guides going round on Discord I would have never completed this. There will be players who don't know Imgur exists. Really quite disappointed as I wanted to work through this, but had to resort to finding out the answers from other players as there was no reason for me to know I needed to go to some random image hosting website.

  10. Well tbh since the events are from 26, i was in work whole day, so no chance to even try to be in good place, but im okey whit that, happens :)
    I think ok zombie event and other ****s should be fun,i will try all of them, boom i get killed instatly, teleported in dala. I was just wtf, then i see its bugged. Huh happens okay. Then i see some clues about rewards and i was wtf, nah noit possible. U must understand ppl have expectations for rewards, if we get every year chances for mounts, pretty easy nice tmog scrolls and other things. Im just pissed i have last free day, then bb and im in work again, so i cant even try the veents today.

  11. Hello dear warmane staff, I really appreciate the effort you have made to make these events, but since it has not worked as we all want, I think it would be wise to go back to successful events from years ago, Azshara can be good

  12. OK really now, how to delete those scrolls?

  13. How do I get rid off the stupid scavenger hunt clue scrolls ? Full bags and cant do nothing with it :O
    srsly how ???

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