1. Hope we get some good gifts this year, hyped for the events as well.

  2. Actually it will be pretty nice to see the invasion event for the first time in history of warmane/molten without multiboxing being present
    i am really considering joining some raids just for the fun of balanced world pvp of fighting for respawns

  3. How the invasion will work? Like where we can find the bosses?

  4. Gese├źnde Kersfees everyone!

    Where do we start all these listed events in-game?

  5. hello gentlemen, can you tell me where evenet begins? This one at 1:01 p.m. thanks

  6. Good to all
    Someone explains to me the event of collecting gifts on December 31st how it works.

  7. hello gentlemen, can you tell me where evenet begins? This one at 1:01 p.m. thanks
    it says 1:01 but nothing's started but scavenger hunt , for invasion it says its closed and next one will be opened in 6h

  8. I don't know why you're "congratulating" the staff on this year for something you claim to have happened in the past, but have you ever thought that perhaps karma is the issue here?

    I dont know why Warmane doesn't care about donors tho..cuz if they do, we wouldn't be here arguing..anyway, happy Xmas

  9. I can literally show you a screenshot with how much I've donated each year buy connecting to my bank account ( January - December) 2020-2021. The gifts from Warmane to people who donated tons of money was extremely disappointing. Anyway, I gotta wait till next week, to see how much I'll get this year. I will post a screenshot with how much I've donated in 2021 and how many coins am I getting tho. Peace!
    yeah man send me your credit card number and cvc while you're at it, im a prince from nigeria with a massive inheritance for you

    best regards

    Your Royal Highness Prince Sade Yakubu

  10. any way to disable the "rocket feature" in BG's?

  11. New event, same dissapointment, the end reward on the scavange is beyond horrible. Stop this.

  12. can you separate the fast-paced BGs from random/specific BG queues? so that if someone likes them then this person will queue via the event master npc, and the rest can have normal BGs via RBG/specific queue.

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