1. Happy Holidays and New Year 2022 Celebrations

    Greetings Warmane community,

    It has been a challenging year for all of us. Many of us could not see loved ones, our family and friends for some parts of the year. We hope that this holiday season will be safe for you and everyone you interact with. We hope you can go into the next year with the necessary clarity and peace. It has been a tradition at Warmane to ask of our players to spend time together with their family and close friends. It is our appeal for peace and love in our small corner of the world, however we understand that this year just like the last one is an unusual one and it has been harder to get in touch with close friends and family. May your path towards holiday cheer be free of any microorganisms.

    We are proud to continue our tradition of providing all-around family entertainment for all of our players. We have prepared a number of festivities, rewards and events for all of you to take part in.

    Without further ado, here is the schedule of our holiday cheer:

    Festivities' schedule:
    • December 26, 13:01 -> January 6, 23:59 - all events with special rewards playable
    • December 26 -> January 6 - all staff hosted events playable
    • December 31, 23:59 - gifts from Warmane are available for collection
    • December 21 -> January 6 - winter donation bonuses up to 40% are active. Do note that this includes already pre-existing full time active bonuses. Total coins received is displayed within the donation interface.

    Event information

    This year we have a new selection of brand new events. All of them have been crafted specially for this occasion. Since we know you want to get details right away, here they are without any further ado:

    • Join a large group of like-minded fighters to endure a zombie encounter. Slay the enemies as quick as possible because the fire walls are literally closing in! No malicious references intended for our Forsaken brethren. It will take you coordination and willpower to get through all of it and most importantly, no rotten luck.

    • Are you up for a challenge to solve a mystery? Follow ambiguous clues, solve riddles and puzzles to reach your goal. Also be fast, the first few to complete the hunt will be rewarded handsomely! We have done similar events in the past but we think the reward is the finest this time around, so try to be as fast as possible.

    • Join a 3v3 tournament which will consist of teams of player distributed randomly amongst each other. Fight in a new arena and grind up the bracket to win the final.

    • Tired of normal battlegrounds and feel like they need a kick? Well here it is. Enjoy the same battlegrounds with faster paced gameplay with various buffs, speed ups and lower cooldowns on your abilities. Fight your enemies with more power than before and earn extra honor meanwhile!

    • Throughout the years, we always take inspiration for our events from popular culture, this year an entire event is inspired by the popular TV series, Squid Game. Take part in this event with other players and see if you can get through the end. Rewards suited for the late stage of capitalism are waiting for those who can get to the ending.

    Stay safe,

  2. Marry Christmas and a great New year to all Warmane Staff and players!

  3. Looking very interesting, im happy there are events :)

    Merry xmass to all staff member and Happy new year :)

  4. Is this zombie event gonna give EOF-s?

  5. amazing! cant wait to play the events

    thx a lot for your efforts and merry christmas :)

  6. Any more details, like where to find the events?

    Thank you Warmane and Merry Christmas to all!

  7. I said nicely that people give misinformation about the event
    , I hope they won't enjoy it.

    happy all holidays!

  8. great to hear about these events!

    i dont see forum events though, are they happening too? you know, legendary weaponsmith, detective, and the sort?

    thanks for the events, and merry christmass!

  9. great to hear about these events!

    i dont see forum events though, are they happening too? you know, legendary weaponsmith, detective, and the sort?

    thanks for the events, and merry christmass!
    Those events are usually hosted by the moderation team and it was decided to postpone them until January since most people focus on the in-game events during this time.

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