1. WTF :( I was so glad that the new seson will startuntil i saw that non-PVP open realm ,sucks so much in my opionon. It feels like it took more then 50%of all the fun that this game has to offer. I really wanted to be PVP open like it used to be. Everything else im excited about but that PVP on/off is so pointless to me. I really hope this is not an end decision on that aspect and somone will still think this off.
    If you've been reading the mods' replies you'll see that they have been thinking. They have been replying using logic to defeat the arguments presented by the pro-forced pvp crowd.

    It's weird how many of the arguments come down to a sense of entitlement. "With no PVP how will I stop others from gathering *my* nodes." Like, they aren't your nodes just because they exist in game and so do you.

    Having PVP on means whoever has the best gear and class counter will get the node. Having PVP off means whoever gets to the node first will get the resources.

    Same for other farming spots. If too many people crowd an area and it becomes less efficient to farm, go somewhere else that has fewer people and let those who are fine with low efficiency waste their time.

    I feel like a lot of world PVP will still happen if even a few people flag themselves all the time. Someone will catch them low on health, flag themselves, and try to take them out in an opportunistic fashion. A passerby will flag to help out. Soon a chain reaction will lead to all out warfare and spontaneous PVP happening in the world.

    It might happen less frequently than it does now but I bet it still happens a fair amount. The nice part will be that you don't have to rush to 80 to avoid gankfests anymore.

  2. Disabling pvp in a fresh server is really...weird and disappointing. World pvp in a fresh server is really alive the first weeks which is a lot of fun.
    In x7 you can already be 80 in 12 hours of played. So, even if you get ganked you'll still be lvl 80 with a descent stuff in 2 weeks.
    And once 80 what ? you keep pvp disabled and go farm bis fire primals without fighting ?? Rip world pvp.

    And i say that as a solo player who leveled every classes not as a rogue ambush party who camp a spot.

  3. what will be profession and reputation rate on the server???

  4. Guys, you have the option to turn it on or off, you are arguing for the sake of arguing.
    Regardless if you like it or not, others will still play and enjoy their time here.
    Also keep in mind that the devs are testing new stuff every year, some ideas will stick, some won't. And as always, every change will bother some and please others.

  5. Don't see any reason to complain about PVP. If you want PVP you can turn it on and if you don't want PVP then you can turn it off. You get the best of both worlds this season.

  6. Don't see any reason to complain about PVP. If you want PVP you can turn it on and if you don't want PVP then you can turn it off. You get the best of both worlds this season.
    Yep, that's true. You still have BGs, arenas, you can still flag yourself, I don't see a problem here.
    World PvP mostly consists of ganking anyway. People who don't care about PvP have had to put up with this **** since the dawn of time because most private servers are PvP only. Now Warmane decides to disable world PvP for ONE season on ONE realm and you guys have a meltdown, lmao.

  7. Everyone here whining about the lack of forced world PvP honestly prove why this change is for the best. Your arguments are so weak and it's hilarious!

  8. Don't see any reason to complain about PVP. If you want PVP you can turn it on and if you don't want PVP then you can turn it off. You get the best of both worlds this season.
    yea, and running lonely
    it's a part of a huge world: ganking, spotting, random battles, battles for resource, battles on questining, batlles around instance. When it happens, i need adjust to it: change spot, location or accept battle (with communicate other player). Its fun.

    But we have icecrown with session game style (cause all have what they need and stay in city, not in world), blackrock session pvp, lordaeron blizzlike and frostmourne s3 pve now.

    goodluck farming 15 year old content without fun.

    on start need give all Romantic Picnic Basket and make love, not war

  9. Well in the end think of it like something new worth trying. It is refreshing. When was the last time you played on PVE server?

    I am personally disappointed due to my plans to roll a Rogue on this one, but I guess I ll go full on PVE and do some War tanking for the community.

    (My personal condolences to all the rogues out there)

  10. I do not understand what is the problem of a pvp server? .. in 15 years of wow and dozens of characters I have never been killed more than 2 consecutive times and even if it happens just be smarter and change the area.
    so i don't know who you are playing against all of you who are repeatedly killed by level 80 full gear ..
    the point is that for complaints, those who can't bear to die while doing a mission, everyone else loses a part of the game

    best wishes for the new season .. we'll see in 5/6 months

  11. Im happy with some changes, less happy in others (idk if I like mythic dungs, for nie its 50/50, gotta figure it out of I decide to Play pvp).

    However, Im sure im not for pve server. If this is really combined with crossfaction ah, I dont think that's good decision. Welcome to mats that have no value. I dont like much pvp during lvling, but its not big problem for me, cause lvling takes no time with X7 rats. Even with x1, can still pick less populated locations. I liked fight over mats so much - like eternal fire, shadow, saronite and titanium veins, even quest items. I do think it should still look like this.

    Idk if its still considerated, but if it is, im for full pvp as it used to be

  12. No Heirlooms lvl 1 = no play.

  13. PvE toggle has a solution and I hope it's something that can or will be implemented eventually.
    1. PvP toggle can only be done in a major city.
    2. PvP toggle limited to once per hour.
    3. Being in PvP mode gives a bonus such as x8 XP, 20% gold boost from quests or something similar like that.
    4. Tapping a herb or mining node flags you for PvP for 60 seconds.

    PvE realms are more enjoyable to level on but this game has always had a heavy focus on the conflict between Horde and Alliance. There should at least be some incentive to turn on PvP so that those who do want it will still enable it but have very little chance to abuse it.

  14. In my opinion making the server pve is killing the faction of the alliance .The world loses interaction, the farming areas of certain materials will be bland , and they will also lose value, because the effort to achieve it will not be the same . It may seem like a good idea to you, but you are only going to get an empty world. If the server goes pve a lot of people are going to skip this season. Good luck

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