1. Damn, was so hyped for S3, but PvE server (read all pro/cons here...)? So maybe next year probably. Really disapointed :-(

  2. So people are started to defend ganking low levels or killing low people, because that how the game was made?!?

    It’s only part of the game if you imbrace it.
    -Retail also have PvP and PvE servers.

    Sounds like theres alot of PvP people, so if you all enable PvP it will be just like a PvP server. (You will not be able to gank PvE’ers who has no intend in doing PvP tho, which is just sad you feel the need for that)

  3. "Frostmourne players will be able to choose between x0.5, x1, x3, x5, and x7 experience rates."
    - It hasn't changed, you just didn't copy the whole sentence^^

  4. On S2 it worked like this:
    You had a character in S1 named Bobby, so the name Bobby was only available to you for the first week or so of S2. After that, if not used, the names were made available for everyone else.

  5. what happens to seasonal blackrock characters?

    first time playing on this server, what will happen to seasonal blackrock characters? will they opt out of season?

  6. Dear Admins
    Is there any chance to advance the start of the season ? Frostmoune is dead since weeks (really really dead).


  7. Will be my first season with warmane from scratch! Pretty pumped for the upcoming challenges and fun.

    p.s. if you guys (players) are serious about world pvp and their (devs) decision to default the pvp flag off is your reason to not play, I ask that you instead take the extra effort to organize a community dedicated to always flag. If you want Red vs. Blue content, MAKE IT. :]

    p.p.s. lok'tar ogar

  8. go pvp realm pls this pve systeam no seasns

  9. x5 exp. is good for me

    I think the x5 thing is fine

  10. pvp

    [*]Cross-faction Auction House.[*]Cross-faction Dungeon Finder

    make cross-faction BG and Arenas and do not let black rock play with us ... it is so unfair they can just spam bgs and get pve gear ...

  11. Absolutely

    Me and a bunch of my buddies are pretty upset by the news of the server going PVE. Having the chance to encounter the enemy in the open world and fight to the death is what makes the game for me. It's called the World of Warcraft for a reason... The people just want to farm gear and go kill bosses. You can do that all day in diablo or some other rogue-like. Also, being able to log on and kill bots in the open world or fight over resources if someone is just running around tagging all the best farming spots is huge.

    It's a real shame. Probably won't even play this season due to the change. I was really, really excited too.

  12. -Retail also have PvP and PvE servers.
    In retail, all servers are PVE with the option to flag yourself via "warmode" on.

  13. Trasnfer question.

    in no place have I been able to confirm that trade goods, flasks herbs, and so on will stay in your bags and bank. can a mod/staff plz confirm what is and is not removed/halved on transfer?

    I have seen ppl say only soulbound items will stay and half your gold to everything will stay, to only bags, but not bank, to everything but emblems, and so on...

    The only thing I see mentioned on official posts is gold will be halved.

  14. The PVE servers in wow died years ago. Why? Simple, it doesn't make sense to share resources on the same layer with people with the active flag and others who don't.
    The only viable option that I see is that activating the flag brings benefits, whoever wants to play quietly can do so, and it makes more people cheer up. Another option would be that mining, taking plants, or farming spots of certain materials activates the flag. If you don't want to do the PvP server I can understand it, but doing PVE seems like a big mistake to me

  15. PvE servers on wow live did NOT die years ago. In fact PVP died. There were still plenty of PVE mega realms. But PVP realms got so busted and lopsided towards one faction from PVPers always wanting the advantage over the lower populated faction that they made all realms PVE servers with War Mode.

    Now they have to give people bonuses just to get them to enable PVP in the world, because without those bonuses, people don't value it enough to do it at all. You have it completely backwards.

    Interesting though how people see what they want to see.... Live realms have never had to give PVE mode bonuses or bribes just to get people to partake in it. But they do for PVP flagged mode.

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