1. I suspect the reasoning behind the x5 decision was one not based on player feedback, but rather one to account for the new world objectives that the Warmane staff decided to creatively implement. I, along with a lot of the player base, disagree with this entirely.

    I don't think world objectives are inherently bad, but I wouldn't want them to have any effect on the x7 rates we're used to. Some of us have been prepping our level pathing / dungeon grinding groups and a few of us were even prepared to race for realm first 80.

    If there's any chance of reversing this, it would be a huge save for FM3. You can keep the world objectives, but don't mess with the XP rate. Maybe the objectives can just drop nice rares like Fiery War Axe or something.


  2. adapt its not the end of the world we just started to redo trail runs and prep for season start to 5x rate.

  3. I'm a Guild Master on Frostmourne. Will my guild bank and title come with me? Or will I loose all my stuff in the move???

  4. I'm a Guild Master on Frostmourne. Will my guild bank and title come with me? Or will I loose all my stuff in the move???
    guild data is NOT transfered.

  5. Meh
    -Leveling in wow is something you put up with to experience the endgame. Reducing the speed is nothing more than adding a collective amount of 100k human hrs without adding something in return.
    -no crossfactions means that the few poor souls who started allience in S2 will start horde also, making the pve change irrelevant
    -generelly missing what the people suggested, i.e. crossfaction, shorter/more interesting naxx, tools to help form raids or keep em intact
    -objectives in the zone seem pointless,

    +mythic dungeons could be fun

    pls consider some of the suggestions that were made in the suggestion thread

  6. Additionally, we will offer a system for Season II Frostmourne players to reserve names for the new season with their already existing characters in the previous season
    Does this means that every character name in my account will be reserved for me on S3? Or there is any minimum level requirement?

  7. I don't know why too much hate about the x5, I personally think WoW have an AMAZING level experience, and x7 was way too much for Frostmourne.

  8. Frostmourne is a seasonal realm. It's supposed to be fast. Thought, if you want slower leveling rates, you could just change it from your exp bar.

  9. If you are really determined to add in a “pve style realm” the realm should be default/advertised as PVP and with an opt-in into PvE mode. With pvp enabled it should have the world quest objectives and increased or baseline material and gold gain while the pve opt-in would have reduced material and gold gain. Then people can avoid ganking but it will come at a cost.

    Reasoning behind this is private servers have always favorited pvp realms with pve realms never obtaining the population of their pvp counterparts. This suggestion caters to everyone while keeping the developers “outlook” of what they want to create with their realm.

  10. Lol some people get so salty over every little thing. Personally, I'm really looking forward to season 3! I'm a bit iffy on making the realm pve, but at least we can enjoy levelling up in relative peace. I'm not too pleased with the x5 exp rate since levelling is my least favorite part of the game. If possible, please re-evaluate this decision. If not, x5 is livable I suppose. Could we at least get some sort of explanation for this change? Sorry if it was posted somewhere else, I haven't checked anywhere but here.

  11. The only thing worthwhile the sad leveling process that is WotLk, was the random PvP that sometimes occurred. Now you prolonged the leveling process that the vast majority of us does with their eyes closed anyways, all the while making open pvp optional. Can't wait to partake in this snoozefest.

    Didn't know what to do lately and the annoucement gave me some relief, but man that was a sad read if I have ever seen one.

  12. PVE realm ? I will skip this season

  13. The x5 experience is a turn off compared to the x7 that we had. Please go back to x7. And keep world PvP what it is.

  14. A PvE realm on Warmane? What the hell, I've been waiting for this since 2011. Almost makes me wanna play here again, heh.

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